Eomarath, the Fertile Fields

Credits to David Fortin from Artstation for the peaceful cover art!
Sometimes considered an outer region of Aekkinata and wedged between Tudulion and Gliziarial, Eomarath is the Border Plane of Water and Earth, and sometimes referred to as the Elemental Realm of Mud. The latter moniker is rarely used and often considered untrue, as Eomarath is actually a realm of rocky cliffs broken by fertile valleys, which are carved by the countless streams and rivers that flow through the realm. Becoming more "dry" as one becomes closer to Gliziarial and more "wet" closer to Tudulion, Eomarath is akin to a great continent of peaceful of forests and river valleys, bordered by the endless stone of the Malachite Planes on one half and the infinite islands of the Eternal Ocean on the other.  


Eomarath has residents with both earthen and aquatic heritage. Earth and water genasi call the realm their home, as do earth and water elementals, as well as countless other inhabitants typically found in Gliziarial and Tudulion, respectively. These groups tend to favor the halves of Eomarath closer to their home Realms, with the earthen folk sticking to the tall mountains of the side closer to the Malachite Planes and the aquatic peoples favoring the beaches on the Eternal Ocean. Between these two regions, in the middling areas of Eomarath, is a much more mixed bag of peoples. Consisting of both the peoples mentioned earlier and mortal settlers from other planes entirely, this central swath of river valleys is typically the region actually referred to as the Fertile Fields, and is where the majority of Eomarath's inhabitants live. River towns and cliffside settlements border up against underwater lake communities and dense forests. Relative to the rest of Yophas, Eomarath bears little in the way of scars from the Reckoning, and thus little of the leftover threats and monsters common to other planes are found in the Fertile Fields.
Dimensional plane


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