Ellas' Fall

If you are a player in my campaign with characters named Valna, Thokk, Arstan, Veldrin, or Edward, do not read this. I promise you, you don't want to.
Ellas Elendiir only wanted to defend his people. As the greatest Ilquithea (pronunciation: ill-ka-th-a-ya; meaning: general) of the Camaerithian empire, he had to defend his people. And for a great many years of the Reckoning, he was successful. Ellas was heralded as the greatest hero of Camaerith, and believed to be the greatest warrior and most keen tactical mind to ever come from Camaerithian blood. His family was held in the highest esteem.   But it wasn't to last.   Ellas became too desperate, too fearful of the ever-increasing pitch of the god-wars. He believed he would soon taste defeat and knew that if he ever failed, it would mean the end of Camaerith and her peoples. So, despite his impressive physical prowess and tactical acuity, he sought greater powers. The strength to defend his people, no matter what enemies threatened them.   Though they have been lost to time and the devastation of the Reckoning, tales from that day would often tell of the horrors of what transpired. Ellas' Fall, they called it. The day where Ilquithea Elendiir went too far, and betrayed all that he had once stood for. All that his family stood for, and all that his people believed in.   Many say that the sun hung low in the sky for days on end, the earth itself mourning as Camaerithian shed Camaerithian blood. A civil war of one, in which the people Ellas had given everything to defend betrayed him. But it was he who had betrayed them. Untold people met their end that day. The day that Ilquithea Ellas Elendiir, greatest hero of Camaerith, became its greatest villain.  

The Fall Itself

In his desperation to defend his people, Ellas made a deal with some unknown patron to willingly become infected with an ancient and powerful strain of vampirism. Corrupting his mind, body, and even his blade, Requiem, Ellas became a monster. At least, a monster in the eyes of the people he swore to protect, the only people who mattered to him.   He returned to Camaerith itself, capital of the Camaerithian empire and crowning achievement of elven society in Emaxus. Perched atop the massive god-tree, the Wild Heart, Camaerith was beautiful and impregnable. It was Ellas' home. And his old friends, the people he had fought for years, decades, to protect, were not as welcoming as he had hoped.   They looked on what he had done not with pride, but with fear and revulsion. They took arms against Ellas, believing their Ilquithea corrupted and malevolent. And when the shock of their "betrayal" turned to disgust and loathing, Ellas did not fight to defend himself. He fought to prove he was right.   They saw a thousand Camaerithians died that night, slain by he who had always protected them. He who had been the epitome of hope and resolve became the icon of fear and sin. Only through the desperate actions of Camaerith's greatest Ilthinaluvars (pronunciation: ill-thin-al-oo-vars; meaning: archmages) was Ellas defeated. Whether he was slain or banished, no one can say. But Camaerith was saved the betrayer's wrath, and Ellas' Fall would live in infamy until the end of the Reckoning.   But after the fires of the god-wars faded, there were few survivors and scant few who remembered Ellas' Fall. The ignorant can only hope that history is never repeated, and Ellas was truly defeated, or all of Camaerith will suffer.

The Birth of the Forgotten One

Ellas Elendiir was stricken from the history books after his betrayal, and even those history books were lost in the flames of the Reckoning. And so Ellas, once the greatest hero of his people and a paragon of his time, returned to the ashes from whence he came, and the Forgotten One was born. Few know even of the grand empire Camaerith once ruled, and even fewer know of the one who fought so hard to defend it when the world burned.
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