Atithis, the Abyssal Waters

Credits to Lewis Gibson from Artstation for the freaky cover art!
In the deepest trenches of Emaxus' ocean, in the furthest reaches of Tudulion the Eternal Ocean, there is a plane of abyssal depths and horrors waiting in the endless, murky darkness. Atithis, the Abyssal Waters, is the realm of leviathans, aquatic demons, and horrifying monstrosities. It is a plane of infinite water, where all sense of direction and concept of time is lost in the lightless depths. The only "bastions" from the darkness are those bioluminescent forests clinging to the handful of landmasses within the waters of Atithis and those monstrosities with organic light fixtures designed to lure the unwary. Ancient, underwater cities and terrible prisons float in the murk, for the Abyssal Waters bear countless secrets.   Of all the Divine Planes, Atithis is one of the least understood and most feared. Few infernal terrors can match drowning in the void.  


The horrors in Atithis are as mysterious and impossible as the plane itself. Titanic sea creatures like eels and sharks roam, each the size of city streets, alongside krakens and even more alien monstrosities. Some pre-Reckoning researchers have been quoted saying, "The entities present in Atithis rival those alien minds in the far-flung reaches of Xeccamund in their horrifying scope and utterly mysterious thoughts." Attempting to innumerate those creatures that call the Abyssal Waters home -- those underwater empires and ancient leviathans -- would be as foolish as attempting to innumerate the plane's size.  


Atithis is incredibly difficult to reach and even more difficult to travel within -- for the unprepared. The Abyssal Waters can only be accessed by specific planar magics or planar rifts hidden at the deepest depths of Emaxian oceans and the endless waters of Tudulion. And, for those who do reach Atithis, they had better hope they are exceptional swimmers, have the ability to breath underwater, and can see or feel in the dark to defend themselves. Nothing in the Abyssal Waters welcomes outsiders; few things welcome each other, even.
Dimensional plane


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