An'liceth, Twilight's Justice

"Twilight is balance, peace, and order. The night is always darkest before the dawn; it is at that point, we stand."

Goddess of justice, law, twilight, and eclipses, An'liceth represents the idea of law and borders. Like the border between night and day, or the blending of eclipses, An'liceth represents the border of civilization and chaos, and the defense required to maintain order. Her followers deal in justice, within cities and on the frontier, and it is An'liceth who is most vigilant against the most ancient horrors of the multiverse. While all of the Children are united in the defense of mortals, An'liceth is ever vigilant of threats to all existence, most notably those of elder evils and eldritch aliens. As such, her followers are of a similar vein, hunting aberrations and their allies across Emaxus.   An'liceth was married to Xaen, and the pair's domains mingled to form the foundation of mortal civilizations. Xaen represents the ideas and structures, and An'liceth represents the enforcement and defense of those structures.  

Depictions, Symbols, and Names

An'liceth is typically depicted as a humanoid woman wreathed in shadows and with robes made of twilight. Her form is rather ambiguous, though she is usually shown in an almost welcoming gesture of her hands being splayed out to her sides, and the only defined feature of her avatar is her eyes: dark spheres of night rimmed by beautiful silver light, like a lunar eclipse.   An'liceth's most common symbol is a sideways crescent moon above a mountain peak, to represent her vigilance over Yophas. For simpler symbols, the crescent moon is the most commonly evoked image.   In Aitreas, An'liceth is known as the Shield of Twilight. In the cities of the Imperium, An'liceth and Xaen share a temple, which is often at the heart of the governmental district, within which Xaen is depicted as his hermaphroditic self while An'liceth is a twilit moon, shining down upon him.   An'liceth bears numerous names: An'liceth, Twilight's Justice, Twilight Mother, Bastion of Night, Dusk, and many more. Though the exacts of her name and depiction may vary in different places, they always harken to her connection to twilight, and to law.  

Ancient Home

An'liceth called both Luna and Lysithea her home. She had a great fortress that had connections to both moons, but the portion on Lysithea was devastated and twisted during the Reckoning. The other half on Luna now sits silent and empty -- once, a great bastion of justice and hope, now, a grim reminder of the devastation of the God-Wars.  

Worship Distribution

An'liceth is among the most worshipped of the Children of Yamma. Few is the settlement without a shrine to An'liceth, or at least the holy symbols of her defense spread about. The downward cresent moon is a staple in almost any place where civilization treads.   The greatest concentrations of An'liceth's followers can be found in Yathra Silthame and Ariminium. From these two cities, different knightly orders and temples bound to An'liceth will often sprawl outward on patrols and crusades. Inquisitors, crusaders, guardians; An'liceth's truest followers are known by many names and found almost everywhere, but they are always united by their readiness to defend law -- natural and otherwise.   In times of crisis, An'liceth is often second only to Yamma in the prayers of the people, doubly so when that crisis is of a planar bent. When fiends and aberrations walk among mortals, An'liceth is the rallying cry of the true children of Yophas.   Additionally, shrines to An'liceth are often present in guard barracks and city watch offices. Sharing this with Xaen, most true lawbearers and enforcers are fierce worshippers of An'liceth, while those corrupt ones rarely are.  

Champions of An'liceth

Champions of An'liceth are known as Twilight Guardians. They are named when there are exceptional threats to law, order, and peace (especially on a planar scale). Only one Twilight Guardian has been named in the Age of Extant, and a few are known from the Reckoning and the Age of Rebirth. Known Twilight Guardians are as follows:
  • Orim Flintmace, a Dimtodhiran man who accompanied Ralla Kindguard to Aitreas. He was named Twilight Guardian just after the Undying were unleashed, and accompanied Ralla to Zanizer itself. He gave his life defeating Aveisdes the Voiceless, the ancient dracolich who was one of Krathum's greatest generals.
  • Ranadayas Cartwright, who fought during the Reckoning. She is believed to have fought and died somewhere in Drumis, in the final years of the God-Wars.
  • Dorophil Ruavaul, who fought during the Reckoning. Wielded a blade known as Twilight's Edge, and is believed to have died holding off War and their legions of Bloodthirsters.
  • Anen Talthanryl, a Dathanra woman from the Age of Rebirth. Little is known of her, but it is believed she led one of the greatest Dathanra civilizations of her age.

Divine Domains

An'liceth is the goddess of justice, law, twilight, and eclipses, and is generally considered the enforcer of those natural laws laid down by Alindr and Yamma during the Reshaping. Clerics of An'liceth typically fall in the Courage, Justice, Light, Night, Order, Protection, and Twilight domains, while Paladins tend to swear Oaths of Devotion, the Crown, or the Watchers.  


  • Be ever vigilant. Countless horrors await in the darkness between the stars.
  • Uphold justice and law, for that is what separates mortal civilization from primordial chaos.
  • Justice is not synonymous with vengeance. Understand when redemption and reconciliation is a viable alternative to retribution.

Methods of Worship

An'liceth has fewer rites than most other gods. Worship of An'liceth is often through action: the diligence of the guard, the vigilance of the inquisitor, and the justice of the court. To maintain fair and equitable law and ensure the enforcement of those laws is to acknowledge An'liceth with the highest honor.   An'liceth does have temples, clerics, and paladins, but those can sometimes resemble (or even be) military structures, rather than religious ones. To follow An'liceth is to swear oneself to the protection of order and the maintenance of civilization. One must be ready for war to maintain this peace. In times of peace, An'liceth's devout harken to her with prayers for vigilance and protection, to ensure that peaceful times stay and that they be ready should they end. In times of war, when law must be upheld, An'liceth's devout call to her for wisdom and strength in battle, for the willpower needed to hold the law of planes and civilizations true.

Holy Day

An'liceth's holy day takes place on Arlayna 9, Notharel, and is known as Twilight's Recompense. It is meant to be a day of vigilance and stewardship, in which people consider their lives and their stations and how they can best contribute to the safety of their society, and ensure that it is just and lawful. Also, it is a day in which many grievances are aired, and people attempt to forgive and forget. Thus, in keeping with the name, many people reach just recompense and reconciliation with grudge-bearers, enemies, and even simple annoyances.

Ancient Foes and Allies

An'liceth and her followers despise anything that brings chaos, defies natural and mortal law, or sows suffering. Devils, demons, spawns of Xeccamund, corrupt elementals or mortals, anything or anyone who seeks corruption, devastation, and chaos are the enemies of An'liceth's worshippers.    An'liceth's followers hate all of the Obsidian Lords, and seek to root out their corruption wherever it may rise; however, they remain especially vigilant against Marzak, Ix'kythael, and Laaelum, for they each represent a different but equally dangerous threat to the natural laws of Yophas.   An'liceth's followers are closely-knit with Xaen's, just as their patron gods were unified. Often, Xaen's followers are stitched to government and administration while An'liceth's are bound to law and enforcement, making them two sides of the same coin.


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