Akkerath, the Flaming Desert

Credits to Alessandro Emanuelli from Artstation for the great cover art!
Beginning as a desert of impossible heat that gives way to a realm of pure flame, Akkerath is the Elemental Realm of Fire. The smallest portion of Akkerath is where most of its inhabitants reside. Here, in the portion actually known as "The Flaming Desert," great cities of sandstone and bronze rise above dunes of sun-baked sand. Water is impossibly scarce here, beyond even the Ureret Desert of Aitreas, making it one of the most-traded commodities among Akkerath's non-elemental residents and travelers. Past the dunes of the Flaming Desert, the Primordial Flame awaits. Constituting the near-infinite expanse of Akkerath beyond its habitable region, the Primordial Flame is where the raw heat and flame of Yophas was placed. It was within the Primordial Flame that Yacrena was created, and it is believed that traveling through this portion of Akkerath is one of the only ways to reach the Sun itself -- though these beliefs are unproven, and often discredited.  


The Flaming Desert region houses the most diverse residents of Akkerath. It is here that travelers from other planes come to marvel at the sights and trade in the robust desert marketplaces of the towering cities here. Fire genasi, djinn, genies, fire giants, and various lesser elementals call the Flaming Desert their home, alongside non-sentient fauna, which range from titanic sandworms to small rodents. Numerous dragons enjoy at least some time spent in the desert, usually those with lightning or fire breaths, as both are well-suited to turning sand and rock into suitable lairs.   Past the boundaries of the desert, deep in the Primordial Flame, only the elementals themselves roam. Most all flame elementals, great or small, were born in the Primordial Flame. And spread throughout the endless heat and fire are different elemental lords, those flame elementals of such power that they can't manifest outside of the Primordial Flame for risk of burning themselves out. Called the Children of Ankhisteia, the Flame Titan, these flame princes are believed to be the direct descendants of the Primordial that Yamma and Alindr used to create Akkerath itself.
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