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Whether trudging through blankets of deep snow in Raven, exploring dark underground cities of Jungdorm, training in the beautiful lands of Eldor, or studying great magic in the mystical wilderness of Feywind. Wherever you go adventure will follow, and there's no escape from the adventures that will follow you wherever you go in Elzer.   It is now year 1600 in the month of Elion and the many kingdoms inhabiting the world of Elzer live in peace. Darkness stirs on the fringes of the Grazen lands, and the elves of Feywind have often heard strange song on the winds. Deep beneath the earth where the dark things still sleep, the mountain dwarf clans of Jungdorm have been expanding drastically. Yet still fighting constant battles with the Drows of the deep grove. The humans and Giants of Odorium still honor their pact, as adventurers journey from Feywind to Raven and beyond the known realm.   1d20+3