Skein Silk

This is a natural protein fiber produced by Skein larva to form cocoons in order to complete their metamorphosis into the next growth stage. Due to being so dangerous to obtain and difficult to handle, it's a rare luxury good that'll fetch nearly ridiculous prices on the market.   Skein Silk is exclusively weaved into textiles for clothes or cloth accessories, and are by most considered one of the most beautiful materials one can lay ones eyes on. Undyed the textile takes on a shimmering quality due to the triangular prism-like structure of its fibers, which allows the cloth to refract incoming light at different angles and thus producing different colors.   As Skein Silk cannot be produced through sericulture the only option to obtain it is to enter a Skein hive and steal unhatched cocoons. The cocoons are very fragile however and it's a great risk that the raw silk is rendered useless if they break during transport.


Origin & Source

The silk is exclusively harvested from unhatched Skein larva cocoons.

History & Usage


Ittakeb Akreian where the first civilization to discover the use of the silk and develop methods of harvesting it from the cocoons, and weave it into textiles. It has since been shared with other akreian nations, and even later the human settlers of Eredesa managed to acquire it as well.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The byproducts of the silk extraction from cocoons is toxic fluids as well as the hibernating Skein larva. For the most part these tend to be disposed of through incineration, safely away from any individuals so that the toxic fumes from the fluids aren't accidentally inhaled.


The fluids contained within the cocoon that the larva is suspended in during metamorphosis produces fumes in contact with air that are highly toxic to most other species. For this reason special care is required when unwinding the cocoon to retrieve the silk.

White with a prismatic sheen.


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