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Courier's Stew

Courier's Stew is a pot of stew often made as a courtesy in lieu of receiving a message from a courier. This practice is often observed by Proxians who have extensive messenger networks. A captain or nobleman with a regular correspondence will often have a pot of stew ready for a courier (who is often pushed to their limit with tight delivery deadlines) to eat on arrival. The stew can be made of many ingredients slow cooked over a number of days. It is common courtesy to assemble the stew of the finest ingredients a receiver can spare. These are commonly a base of chicken or venison in broth with potatoes and various other vegetables thrown in.


Courier's Stew dates back to the beginning of the Proxian Great Crusade which began in Aethyos. As the Proxians began to descend Mount Oberon and conquer more and more tribes, the lengths that couriers had to run to send messages to the High Priest and his clergy became fraught with danger from monsters, and the treacherous pathways that lead up Mount Oberon.

Legend tells of the first High Priest Maxim Sanctious humbly receiving the heroic messenger Loric the Lightfoot with a great pot of stew made of ice bear flank and vegetables picked and blessed from the holy garden. Sanctious prepared the stew by himself, labouring over it for a day, then leaving it to simmer for a week before Loric arrived at his church with news of a great victory won by Edelrious the White at the base of the mountain; Mount Oberon belonged entirely to the Proxian tribe. Loric's mission up Mount Oberon is a legend filled with many trials that Loric won by his wit and quick footedness - giving rise to the stereotype of a leaner build being of a quicker mind. It is paralleled by the High Priest carefully assembling and cooking the stew he will be rewarded with. Upon completion of the journey, the High Priest told Loric that 'In making this stew, I sought to create a labour that would make me worthy of the message you bore. I have failed, as all labours would have. Please accept this and allow me to be worthy of your message.'


A pot of courier's strew is near mandatory for expected deliveries in Proxia Trestillia. Receivers who do not show their couriers courtesy are often looked upon with disdain. Due to the nature of the courier's role, word will spread fast of any mistreatment, and messages to that receiver will slow to a crawl.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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