The Azure Ocean

The Azure Ocean stands as a vast, unexplored border to the lands of Elyria. Not much is known about their depths. Sailing vessels make a point to never drift out of the sight of land because of the abundance of tales about vanishing ships. Many people who live on or near the coast refer to the Azure Ocean as the land beyond the gods. What sane person would ever leave the land? Because of this cultural fear, most of the trading between the nations along the western shores of Elyria happens by land despite the treacherous and untamed environments.  

Rumours and Myths

The Ship Out of Time   Once there was a merchant sailing vessel called the Tandem Aurora heading from the Republic of Amoa to the nations in the south for trade. One night, about halfway through the Tandem Aurora's voyage, there was a terrible storm. In the morning, nobody could see the ship from shore. For three days and nights, the coastal checkpoints sent birds and spells out to scout the sea, but they found nothing. On the morning of the fourth day, the ship ran aground to the south of the Autumnal Coast.    The Tandem Aurora's wood was waterlogged, barnacles covered its hull, the sails were tattered, and the crew was missing. Inside, the ship was empty save for several mad scratchings on the walls that looked to count days and a single cryptic message. If the scratchings are anything to go by, the crew experienced the better part of a year during their mysterious three-day absence, and something horrible befell them. The only message left from the crew was a desperately carved phrase that read "THE HUNGER MUST ALWAYS BE SATISFIED." Since the initial investigation, nobody dares to approach the ship. It has sat in the same spot, unmoving, ever since.      The Pantheonic Perspective   The Pantheonic priests believe the vast unmapped expanse of the Azure Ocean is the Well of Creation. The story follows that the raw energy of the universe was shaped and moulded by the Greater Deities to support life on Elyria; however, there was far more energy than was needed, so the gods turned it into water. Because of the raw life energy within the water, it was able to support life on Elyria, but having so much energy condensed into one place is unpredictable at best. According to the Pantheonic priests, the gods favoured the mortal races on land, and turned their backs on the seas, preferring to use it as a source for life energy. The ocean is an event horizon, beyond which the gods cannot see. For this reason, no mortal person should leave the sight of the shore. To do so would be to forsake the gods and be left to fend for yourself.


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