The Year of Four Kings

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Hail and well met, traveller! Welcome to a world of magic and intrigue, forgotten civilizations and wild frontiers. Elyria is a world mostly untamed by the mortal races. The vast supercontinent and its surrounding islands are covered in vast forests, unexplored deserts, and treacherous mountain passes. Several nations have staked their claim across the land, but their borders are few and far between.   In most cases, small settlements dot the landscape filled with people who have adapted for survival in their particular biome. The tenacity of the humanoid races is astounding. Their colonies can be found in forest and desert, jungle and tundra. The battle against nature poses constant threats, but as time has passed, larger settlements have established themselves, and a few great cities now dot the landscape, but they are not safe from danger either.   Researchers of the arcane have discovered wonders to elevate life to new levels of comfort, but ancient evils have also been uncovered. Dark secrets lay hidden across the land. Tales of brave adventurers stopping terrible cataclysms are prevalent in every region. Stories of legendary exploits and battles against terrible and unnatural foes are at the heart of every nation's historical tapestries. But, the most fascinating tales are those that have not been told. Dark dealings are common in the underbellies of cities. Ancient rites and rituals to terrible and destructive deities are performed by cultists of every sort much closer to home than many feel comfortable admitting.   Despite, or perhaps because of, all the risks and dangers, adventuring has become a lucrative and popular career path for many who prefer not to stay on their family farm or run their parent's taverns. Many groups and guilds have formed, turning adventuring into a perfectly acceptable trade; however, for every party that happens to be part of a guild, there are six or seven independent groups. Will you try your hand at adventure? Most of the world remains unexplored, and fantastic and terrible secrets lay around every corner. So, traveller, go forth, gather your party, and earn your place in history.