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The Shifting Reaches

An area of magic left over from the creation of Eluria. Unlike the rest of the world, this particular mire of magic never settled into the intended form for it, and so finds itself forever roiling around. It has seen the formation of many interesting and significant locations within it's confines that have never been seen again. While some can traverse this region, they have adapted over many thousands of years to be able to do so. They are infused with a portion of the magic that makes up the Shifting Reaches, and as such have their own mutable forms tied to the changing landscape. They are commonly only known as "Those of the Reaches". Similarly, vehicles have been fashioned by this group capable of traversing the Reaches without becoming bogged or worse.   The area can be traversed by other races, providing that they have a guide and vehicle already capable of traversing it alone. This has facilitated particularly lucrative trade between some cities for the adventurous merchant willing to risk their cargo to the Reaches.


The geography of the Shifting Reaches changes seemingly at random, as it is comprised of unformed magic that refuses to settle. It may be a deep ocean one moment, only to catch an unlucky sailor off-guard the next moment as it become a jungle filled with temples to unknown Gods and creatures never before seen by still-living eyes.   It is located to the west of Anteroth, and to the East of Gasguth.

Natural Resources

The Shifting Reaches provides everything one could need from the land, provided you are capable of extracting it without finding yourself out of your depth (sometimes literally!). Some have found rare minerals sitting on the surface, while Those of The Reach are perfectly capable of sustaining themselves with various edible flora and fauna that can be found when Shifts happen.
Alternative Name(s)
Shifting Sands, Area of No Return, The Reaches, The Shifts

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