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Between the desolate sands of the Sha'ran Desert and the tropical forests of Ramew, El'Torel is a continent rich with life, culture, and excitement. Since the calamity of 291, society has rebuilt itself, but many secrets and creations have been lost to the echoes of time. With new governments struggling to find ways to solidify their authority, they seek to arm themselves with powerful relics of the past to show that they are the true rulers of their respective lands. Some truly are the rightful rulers, others are only pretenders. To the north, the mountains of Qilban tower high in the sky, with Mount Envy piercing heavens and going high above the clouds. To the west, the Great Sands are ridden with sandstorms and tornadoes, yet somehow many call it home. In the east, the great plains of Ishtizar dominate the landscape, with sporadic forests recovering from the calamity, and an archipelago of tropical islands just breaking the horizon. Finally, the south hosts a permanently frozen lake, with a frozen stream leading into the mysterious forest of Eskel, which seems untouched by the calamity. A multitude of races inhabit this continent, but because of the calamity, they are scattered across it. The calamity of 291 was a massive disaster that affected the continent in such a way that no two places experienced the exact same damage. Some places were desolated by storms of wild magic, others had molten rock hail down from the sky, and yet others experienced a churning of the earth itself. As a result, every culture has its own way of looking at the calamity, with some looking upon it as a punishment by the gods for the sins of the world's inhabitants, while others saw it as a natural ecological event caused by the earth itself. In any case, the calamity completely wiped out some of the small, outlandish civilizations, while burying entire cities.