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Act 10 - Oromond, Jewel Of New Alanko


  As the party arrives at Oromond, they find that the rumors are true; The now King Adrien Costeau has declared independence from the Blackthorn Ascendancy, with most of the nobles under his rule coming alongside him.

Arrival -

  "Upon the horizon lies the city of Oromond, the towering spires of Aldar Citadel, the Bronze Dome of Kord's Basillica, the reddish-pink granite of Archon Conservatory. As always, the sprawl of buildings outside the walls, known as Thrul Circle, or Muck Circle lies within sight as well. Those of you who have been here before: As you near the city there are changes here that you start to pick up on. The most glaring difference is being built around Thrul Circle; A wall. It seems to circle the entire city, and you can hear the sounds of hammers, of builders shouting, and delivery carts barreling down muddy streets. Even more striking is the brilliant green color of the wall being built, as shiny colored clay bricks are seemingly inlaid into it. Even further into the city, you start to see parts of the bronze dome coming down off of The Basilica of the Storm. Things are indeed changing." 

Thrul Circle - 

  "Passing through the half constructed walls, you find streets of cobblestone, and freshly washed and painted buildings. Thrul circle seems to have been revitalized in a way you never would have expected. Where abandoned houses or lots once were are now markets or new storefronts going up. Steady traffic in and out crowds the streets, and horse drawn carts are laden with every sort of resource you can imagine, from wheat and corn to barrels of iron ore."

The Pardoning, and the Twins -


A L'angley at Court -

The L'angley's are represented in the King's court by Hilise, as her husband Euridian has been sent to apprehend the rebel Lord; Charles Coburg. She worries about him profusely, and implores the King to send more men.

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