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Faerie Dragon

Faerie dragons can be found deep in the Silverwood Forest. They are tiny, dragon-like creatures with wings like those of a butterfly. As they age, faerie dragons change their color and gain new magical abilities. These tiny dragons are tricksters at heart, and they love nothing more than to pull pranks on unsuspecting creatures. They prefer to play their tricks on the more intelligent creatures, like humanoids, because they are better able to appreciate the tricks. Often times, the only way to know that a faerie dragon is around is by hearing their stifled giggles after you've been tricked. Faerie dragons do not like combat and will turn invisible and fly away if they are attacked.

Additional Information


A very few faerie dragons are kept as pets, but the species is not domesticated. A pet faerie dragon requires a lot of attention at first, but as it matures, the dragon will require less attention. In order to begin taming the faerie dragon, an offering of "treasure" is most helpful. This does not have to be gold, but can be food like sweets and baked goods or trinkets of some sort. This plays on the faerie dragon's draconic nature to help it grow fond of its owner. A pet faerie dragon will also subject its new owner to many pranks and tricks, as this is how they typically bond with others. Once tamed and trained, a faerie dragon will be a loyal pet. Faerie dragons are extremely rare to find as pets, however, because they are only found deep in the Silverwood Forest, they do not like to be captured making it very difficult to do so, and, once captured, it takes a lot of work to take one.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Faerie dragons are found only in the deepest parts of the Silverwood Forest in Ferothi.

Average Intelligence

Faerie dragons are very intelligent, and they use their intelligence to play tricks on people. They are not malevolent, but just like to have a little fun.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Faerie dragons have fairly acute sight and hearing, and have dark vision that extends out to 60 feet. They are also able to communicate telepathically with other faerie dragons within a short distance.
On average, faerie dragons live 65-70 years, but they have been observed to live as long as 100 years on occasion.
Average Height
1.5 feet
Average Weight
5 lbs.
Average Length
1 foot

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