The Queens Wings

There are three main units of the Royal Guard of Alveran: two are responsible for guarding the King and Queen respectively, the third unit is a larger unit responsible for protecting the entire castle and grounds. The Queens Wings are the personal guard of the Queen of Alveran. They are a smaller force compared to those tasked with the protection of the King, but that does not make them any less daunting.

The Wings

  The Wings were founded by Myra Crislan as a secondary unit of the Royal Guard. Alfor Ilidani was the first to suggest splitting the Royal Guard more definitively between the King and Queen, but it was not implemented until his successor, Crislan, had taken over the command of the Guard. This split was considered by some as unnecessary, since the royal couple would rarely be seen without the other when outside the castle. However, as the years passed, the pair began to take on different responsibilities and it became apparent that one small unit of guards was not enough to protect them both. And so, the Queens Wings were established.  

Commander Torne

  Today the Wings are under the command of Elsyn Torne, who has not only taken up the responsibility of organising and training the Wings and those who would hope to join them, but also personally trains Queen Sayuri in private. It has become custom for all members of the royal family to recieve at least a basic training in self defence. This is not a fact widely known amongst the royal court, and would perhaps shock the ladies to think of their Queen sparring with such a fierce woman such as Torne.
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Becoming a Wing of the Queen

  There is no official means of application, each potential fledgling kept under the close eye of Torne who hand-picks all recruits. To be selected, the guards must prove themselves trustworthy and be of the highest standards.  

Secret Wings

  While it is clear that the guards nearest to Queen Sayuri, who shadow her every step, are Wings, there are those who have been selected and distributed amongst the staff and least suspected folks of the castle who are also Wings. Torne is well aware that sometimes the best weapons are those which are invisible.

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