The Ivory Academy

The Ivory Isles are famous for two reasons: firstly, the white sands which initially brought many to its shores, but more importantly it is recognised for its Ivory Academy, Eltarra's most prestigious Academy of Medicine.
  Built from pale sandstone, the Academy sits on a low rise by the coast overlooking a small bay. Aspiring apprentices travel from all across Eltarra and the world beyond to study within its pale halls where they can dive into the studies of both the human body and mind. Many incredible cures and medical breakthroughs have come from the Masters of the Ivory Academy.    Early on it was said that the island contained a form of healing power causing it to become a popular health resort, but today few truly believe the island holds any sort of mystical power. The Masters prefer to turn their attentions to science, yet are not opposed to searching the skies and faith for answers. At the center of the Academy is a tall tower topped with an observatory for the astronomers and in the courtyards are numerous shrines for the faithful.    

Apprentice to Master

  Each student spends a maximum of ten years at the Academy. The first three years are spent familiarising themselves with and learning about all the common illnesses that can be found in most villages and cities, equipping them with all that is necessary to be able to treat both the bodies and minds of the local population. Following that, the student will decide which area, or areas, they would like to specialise in before going into a final two years of working under the supervision of an experienced Master. Once the ten years have been completed the Apprentice will become a Master and receive a token and a certificate declaring their skills and the absolute trust of the Academy.  
"One day I hope to have gathered enough (money) to travel to the Ivory Isle, and finally study under the true professionals. I have learned much from Helmar already, but nothing can beat the Ivory Isle. When I have gained my recognition there, I will come back to you."
— Excerpt from a letter home by a hopeful young student to his family.
Only a Master who has gone through this and received such a high recommendation is able to gain a position in a royal court as royal physician. The services of any Master who has passed through the halls of the Ivory Academy are highly sought after but often only accessible to those of the higher classes. However, there have been a number of Master's who have taken the decision to make their services available to more of the common folk. These are often the ones who have come from a poor area and have worked hard to gain the education and skills needed to help their own family and village.
There are many small town herbalists and apothecaries who might not look so fondly on those from the Ivory Isle. They believe that their remedies and skills are more than sufficient for their local population. And yet it would be of no surprise to find amongst them ones who harbour secret desires to walk the halls of the Ivory Isles Academy and to delve into the writings and texts they have hidden away in their libraries. These texts deal with the details of many illnesses that have been encountered and discovered around the world, the international students who attend the Academy adding their priceless knowledge to the treasure trove.
Some claim that the potions and remedies crafted at the Ivory Academy are more potent than any made by "lesser" doctors or herbalists due to a natural resource that is hidden on the island. No-one from the Academy has either offered a solid confirmation or denial of the existence of such a resource yet.

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