The 'Mirror_Burin'

The monks of Illimeer specialise in the art of writing - from crafting the tools and inks to experimenting with styles and learning of languages. To them, the written word is a sacred art-form. Yet there is one tool that has so far eluded them: the 'mirror_burin'.
In the temple of Illimeer there are great stone tablets covered with exquisite carvings and lettering. All who look upon them can clearly see they are a piece of art, but they are also a source of mystery. The rock that has been carved into is well-known as the hardest rock in the area, to carve into it requires an equally hard tool and great strength. The monks have tried time and time again to replicate the carvings, but none have been able to achieve the same level of quality, most ending up splitting the rock or the tool.
Some believe these stone tablets were carved by the gods themselves, and mere mortals should simply appreciate the wonder of it rather than attempt to copy it.
  The truth is that the tool, a burin, was powered by magic - a power that is now dormant and is believed by most to be mere myth. If the monks once knew this, it has since been forgotten or ignored because of the lack of magic available to them. When magic left the world, minor enchantments such as that placed on the burin were broken, rendering the item normal once more.   This simple tool has been used for many years and was among the first writing tools to be crafted. Since then, the monks of Illimeer have experimented with different tools, each with the intent on creating one that can match the precision and strength of the 'magic burin'. Without magic, this has been near to impossible, but it hasn't stopped the monks from trying.   The magic enhanced the burin so it would essentially mirror the material that it would be used upon. It also strengthened the natural material of it, allowing it to carve into the toughest material and not be blunted or easily broken.

Cover image: by AP. (via Artbreeder) WA-SC logo (edited in Photoshop)


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