Pearl's House

In the Silk Streets of Trelmond you will find many Houses of Pleasure to cater for an array of desires, but most prominent among them is Pearl's House.
  The House has four public floors, the size and quality of the rooms increasing with each floor. The top floor is private, where Pearl herself lives and keeps watch over the rest of the House. Unlike other Houses, each worker has their own private lodging in an adjacent building, the rooms of Pearl's House being reserved for work alone.    Pearl's House is recognised as the leading Pleasure House, but more than that, it is primarily the headquarters of Pearl herself. Only the most trusted of her employees are permitted to visit her personal apartments, and even fewer of those have seen all that is hidden there. For Pearl is not just the Mother of this House, she maintains a tight grip on a lot of the crime in the Silk Streets.   If anyone has noticed the change in crime since Pearl's arrival to Trelmond, few have dared to make mention of it. Petty theft is still a common threat to all who walk the streets, but whether through picking pockets or pleasing clients, most of the gold ends up in Pearl's pockets. This is invested in her employees and the House itself, furnishing both with the latest fashions and trends, as well as importing the best food and drink for her clients.    With such riches, Pearl's House has been often referred to as Pearl's Palace. She even has her own guards who look more like street thugs, but keep the peace and make sure clients leave with nothing more than they entered with (although they often leave with considerably less, but that is not their concern).   Many of the girls have taken up the habit of dyeing or bleaching their hair to be as pale as Pearl's, a tactic that has benefited her greatly since word of a Pale Woman who haunts the streets have started to spread. With her white hair becoming a fashionable trend, there were many "Pale Women" walking around.  

Story Excerpt

"Word on the street says there's a pale woman making a bloody mess out there," the guard said, trying to do his best to not gawk at the show around him.

Pearl laughed, "And let me guess, I am at the top of the list of suspects?"

The guard shuffled slightly, "Um, well, yes M'Lady."

She sighed and waved a hand around them, "Tell me, sir, have you any idea how to run an establishment like this? Or maintain the reputation of a respectable business?"

The guard shook his head mutely, eyes fixing on a brunette in the corner who smiled and waved at him. He blushed and looked away hurriedly, "No M'Lady."

Pearl smiled, "And yet you seem to think I can do that, and cause...what did you say...a bloody mess out there? I'm not sure whether to be honoured by the assumption, or offended. And I am sure it hasn't escaped your notice that I am no longer the only pale haired woman in Trelmond."

He shifted again and looked down at his feet, and Pearl couldn't help but feel sorry for the young lad. She wondered if there were other guards loitering outside, and he had drawn the short straw to come in and interview her. She was no stranger to city guards, many had passed through these doors before both on and off duty. Keeping a good relationship with them was important to Pearl, and she knew well that the men and women of the guard did not have a particularly good salary. Offering them a quiet discount had so far benefited her and kept them happy. Only now they had started sniffing around at her door. Their investigation must not be going too well.

"Well, of course if you think it will help to have a close inspection of the premises then by all means, go ahead. There are quite a few "pale women" here though, so you may want to keep an eye on them. I'm sure Fyra over there will be more than happy to escort you..." Pearl said, nodding to the brunette whose smile widened as she approached. 

The poor young guard blushed furiously and looked from one woman to another with wide eyes, "N-no, I'm sure that won't be necessary! Thank you for your time!" and with a quick bow, he all but fled the House.

Fyra glanced at Pearl and the pair shared a laugh, "Poor boy," Pearl sighed then frowned. It seems there was work still for her to do. There was no need for concern just yet, but she liked to be prepared - you could never be too sure what might be around the corner. She'd built a beautiful House here, she was determined to not let anything bring it down.
The entertainments available within Pearl's House vary from the innocent to the more outrageous. Whatever your pleasures might be, you will be sure to find them here without judgement or discrimination.  
"As soon as you stepped through those doors, you gained the freedom to be who you want to be. In this House there is no judgement. We are here to please, whether that be with man or woman or both."
"Trust me, my love, what I can show you within these walls will be far better than your wildest dreams. No need to worry about what your Lady wife might think, it can be our little secret. Unless, of course, she would like to join us? It would cost extra, but what is gold compared to the pleasures that wait?"

To protect their clients, anonymity is permitted to all who enter Pearl's House. If a local Lord or Lady decides to visit the house they have the option to give a false name and are permitted entrance via a side door. Sometimes, letters are received and men and women are sent out from the House to a Manor or Mansion or sometimes even to the Keep itself. Their services are often required for grand banquets and extravagant parties, a price that few Lords and Ladies can afford but Pearl but has been known to strike a deal if she thinks it is worth it.

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