It is generally acknowledged that when a youth reaches the age of twenty, they are passing into adulthood. This is marked by a variety of ceremonies and rituals across Eltarra, each differing between common and noble families. The ritual of Kiisara is an old elvish one that is observed by the noble houses and even some royal courts.
  There are few known communities of elves surviving in Eltarra ever since the Breaking, many having fled or simply disappeared. In the years that followed, Elvish culture was in danger of being lost, but those that remained, and their half-elf brethren, did their best to preserve what they could. Since very few humans would be able to understand their language, they depended on more visual methods. With so many elves having disappeared, all elvish commodities became a rarity. Anything related to the elves are highly sought after by nobles who claim to have some elvish ancestry, and thus the Kiisara became a ceremony reserved for nobles and royalty alike.   The Kiisara was a popular ceremony for young elves entering adulthood. It is considered to be far more refined than the usual grand celebrations and parties the commoners are prone to throwing for their youngsters. Instead of a great feast filled with questionable activities and a high consumption of alcohol, the Kiisara focuses on the person the youngster is becoming. It is an opportunity for them to showcase what they have learned in life so far, skills that will set them up to enter into adulthood and all the responsibilities it brings.   For the young elves, this was a key moment since their success at the ceremony had the power to define the rest of their lives. Master crafters would gather to judge the youngsters and select from among them the most promising who would become their new apprentices. This more practical side of the ceremony appealed to the nobility, but the young humans would still be allowed to have their party at the end of the day.

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