Festival of Ettir

Celebrated on the Ivory Isles, the Festival of Ettir is essentially a celebration of healing and good health. It is believed that any healing that takes place here is more powerful, thanks to the star of Ettir that appears every summer.

The Star of Ettir

  All stars are believed to hold a healing power, and none more so than one attributed to Ettir, the God of Stars. The connection between the night sky and healing has placed Ettir amongst the gods of medicine. Ettir's Star only appears during the summer months, the largest and brightest in the sky which is often the first seen before dusk has truly settled.  

Healthy Celebrations

  Instead of the usual indulgence that is associated with most festivals in Eltarra, the Festival of Ettir is appropriately restrained. Throughout the day vendors sell only the freshest and healthiest of food - a disappointment to all children who are dragged along to the festivities. The festival has a holistic approach to healing, the variety of events ensuring body, mind and soul are cared for. Exercises are encouraged through sporting competitions which start off being friendly challenges between commoners but there are the occasional folks who take them more seriously. In the evenings, meditation areas are set up on the beaches where people can sit under the Star and listen to the gentle lapping of the waves.   The festival runs for a full week which is judged to be roughly at the height of summer, when Ettir's Star is at its strongest and brightest. Locals around the Ivory Isles may choose to continue celebrations throughout the full month, making the most of the time the Star hangs in the sky above them, but officially the festival is limited to this one week.   The Masters of the Ivory Academy are responsible for overseeing the festival and making all the required arrangements. Enthusiastic masters and apprentices of the Academy have been known to use this time to promote their most recent discoveries and test new treatments.

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