City of Trelmond

The city of Trelmond is a sprawling one, covering a tall hill and filling the valley around it, it sprung up around Keep Trelin. There is one thing that the city is renowned for: pleasure. But that does not mean there is no pain here. In the lower streets of Trelmond, you will find the usual filth and stench that comes of people living in close quarters, but the higher you go, the cleaner it is. The mayor does his best to care for all his people, no matter their rank or status, but humans have a tendency to be...human. Some faces do bear a resemblance to the elves of old, these often being amongst the nobility who claim their elvish ancestry as a mark of high esteem. If any such noble were to meet an actual elf, it would undoubtedly be quite an interesting encounter and an eye-opening one for both the nobles and the elves.    People who travel to Trelmond often do so in search of the acclaimed Pleasure Houses of Silk Street. Traditionally these houses began as simple brothels, but these days more Houses are being established to encompass a wide variety of pleasures. These can range from sensual to mental, ensuring the inhabitants of Trelmond and their guests receive a totally pleasurable experience. Nothing is held back, establishments often catering for all tastes, and its popularity has drowned out the complaints of those who would damn such behaviour.   The crime in this city has recently spiked, the word of a Pale Woman who stalks the streets keeping most troublemakers inside. It appears the guards have either been reluctant, or have had very little luck in their investigations since it appears this Woman targets other criminals. The commoners call her a hero, since it is thanks to her efforts that many of the folks who work late nights on the streets are far safer than they had been before. But with a few Lords and Ladies having gone missing in areas this Woman has been known to work in, the nobility look upon her with less kindness.   Aside from the more unique threat of the Pale Woman, the other dangers remain much the same as in other cities with pickpockets being on the rise.

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