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A Pledge for Summer Camp 2021

The Project

  Eltarra is the world in which I shall be building up throughout Summer Camp. More specifically, I will be focusing on the north-westerly parts of Eltarra where the kingdoms of Alveran and Yet-To-Be-Named are located. These are the areas in which the novel shall be based and therefore require the most work, especially as Eltarra is currently full of blank pages (and a missing key name).

The Aim

  Since this will be my first Summer Camp, I am unsure of how much I will be able to do, so I shall simply settle for doing as much as I can. This will also depend on my energy levels and health as well as the prompts provided. My core aim of Summer Camp is to simply have fun!

Lighting Up the Forge

I plan on lighting up the forge during my Twitch streams and most evenings, with the goal to write a little each day. Of course, this once again depends on energy levels and prompts, but hopefully I can meet the minimum of 300 words per day and at least get a shiny copper badge!
I go live on Twitch every Monday and Wednesday, 3 - 5pm (BST). You can find me at HeyItsAP for Mapiness, Art and Worldbuilding! During Summer Camps however, Monday Maps and Art stream will be replaced by writing sprints, but showcases will be kept for Wednesdays only.

Supportive Beans

The core support will, of course, be from the wonderful Anvilite community, but more specifically those within The Golden Pinecone and Twitch Chat.
  Click the shiny pinecone to join the server (if you want to)! > > >

The Pledge

I, AP, pledge to participate in World Anvil's Summer Camp to the best of my ability, promising to take whatever measures are necessary to maintain a healthy balance between productivity and self-care. I promise to not push myself to meet standards that are too high, nor to work to a point where I no longer enjoy the process of writing and worldbuilding and to keep myself accountable to those who support me and whom I support in return. I solemnly swear I will be up to only good.
— Signed by AP.

Organised Worldbuilding


Categories on WA
Eltarra is such a new world that it seems odd to organise the categories at such an early stage, yet I also understand the logic behind it. I have tried to think of the areas I will be aiming to fill out (prompt depending) throughout the next month, but of course this is hard to judge. Whether the prompts fit or not, these areas still need filling!
  The only area I have not prepared in light of the SC Homework 2 is the Article Template. My reason for this is that since Eltarra currently has just one article (not including the Summer Camp prep articles), I have yet to find a style and layout that I am comfortable with sticking to for the forseeable future.
  Of course, this would be the perfect time to find a template, but I also would like to have different templates depending on the content and category of said articles. Striking a balance between variety and keeping a consistent style is tricky, and something I believe I will only achieve given time (and actual content).


When I am not writing for Summer Camp, I shall be working on a few other things, one of which being the map for Eltarra.
Map WIP Placeholder
by AP. (Photoshop and HeroForge)


  All characters have been created using ArtBreeder, with edits made in Photoshop. Almost all the characters have names, but there are a few additional ones that have yet to find a name and a role within the world of Eltarra. Maybe next month they will find both?
The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Alveran
The Other Royal Family
Other Characters


  All landscapes have been made in ArtBreeder and edited in Photoshop.

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Cover image: by AP. (via Artbreeder) WA-SC logo (edited in Photoshop)


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
16 Jun, 2021 20:54

Good pledge! Self care is important :D

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
16 Jun, 2021 20:55

And of course, we'll all be there to support you ❤

16 Jun, 2021 20:56

Thank you! Right back at you, too. <3

16 Jun, 2021 21:07

Good luck, AP! You can do it! :D

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
18 Jun, 2021 09:28

Thank you Emy! :D x

16 Jun, 2021 21:25


18 Jun, 2021 09:36

Lol! I really hope to at least get copper!