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Order of Erya

The powerful Order of Erya is one of the most antique religions that still survive in the world of Elodíl. They are leaders of the masses and said to be representatives of the Mother-Goddess, existing and doing by their will. They are unequaled in power, great in humility and lords of the war and politics. Some say, sometimes, that the Order of Erya is more a political organization itself than many countries with governments puppeteered by great nations and empires.


It has one of the greatest reserves in silver and gold of the world, and they slowly donate to the poor to not affect economy. They have outstanding buildings all over Northwestern Ellaria, and a army of great power waiting just to answer to their orders. They have castles and shelters, and have begun building a village, a haven for those who follow the Eryan religion.

Mythology & Lore

Myth of Creation

Eryanists believe that the world was created from two main things: Water and Light. They say that, as the infinite ocean extended towards the end of the universe, Gadannia emerged from the depths of the sea, bringing with her brilliance of magick. It is believed that she shaped light into earth and stars, driving away the darkness that lurked the world of Elodíl. So it was then that Gollora, the deadly enemy, the Hunter from Darkness condensed itself into existence, with an eager objective of destroying what Gadannia had created. The fight continues until today. See Eryan Myth of Creation for in-depth information.

Divine Origins

The Eryanism originated from the Gallarian Provinces, also called the Gallar Confederation or just Gallari. It comes directly from the Gallosvi culture, with many influences given the Ettebes from the far deserts. It essentially evolved from the famous Gallari myths and rituals. As the Gallari were a people of war and dominance, they rapidly subjugated other cultures, forcing them into their beliefs and rituals. Even though the Gallari were defeated by the Mailins, they still preserved their culture that had spread through most of the North-Western areas of land. It is say that probably, the historical figure which helped the most on the spreading of the Eryanism was Knightess Galladra the Fair, responsible for walking through foreign cultures and enemy villages to teach them more about the Gallari. It is said that she was so fair, that no man could hurt her, and no woman could resist her, and it doesn't matter how many expeditions she had done, she wouldn't die beheaded.

Cosmological Views

The Eryans believe that the world is something intrinsic to reality: They say that if there is Ether and Magick, Energy and Life, it's all because of the Mundane plane. They say that nature, the Alma Mundi, is the most important structure in Life, because it gives us vitality, and feeds the world. They believe that everyone and everything is connected, and so, if another person in the other side of world sinned, then it's your sin. If they killed, it's your kill, if they were abnegated, it's your abnegation. They say that only the teachings of the Eryan Highest Religion (or other religions that have the same values) can save everyone from eternal doom, for it will eliminate all sin, all death and all havoc.

Tenets of Faith

I - You shan't harm if no harm was done.
II - You shan't feel envy for someone's success.
III - You shan't feel jealousy for someone's love.
IV - You shan't cast spell used to harm.
V - You shan't feel pride if it is for nothing.
VI - You shan't feel anger, for it's a disease.
VII - You shall help the unfortunate.
VIII - You shall pay as you receive.
IX - You shall help those in need.
X - You shall pardon your enemies.
XI - You shall teach the way of Gadannia.
XII - You shall bring peace to the mundane.


Many rituals are made and may be chosen to be made by the followers, but rituals no one can or should miss is the fast of the End of Month, were for one day, they fast to prove their will to Gadannia, the bath of Ela'avora, which they dedicate to the moon, bathing at the end of the year under its light, and the Feast of Three Days, a period that occurs randomly from the fifth to ninth months of the year, in which the followers group themselves for three days to eat, drink, dance, feast and make religious rituals together, in honor of union and remembering the Feast of Eons made by Gadannia when she finished her work as the Creator-Deity.


The different classes of priests are appointed by a Priest of higher influence, unless it is to become a Dostori, Gasteori or Adalori. These last three are to be voted by the Low and High Councils of the Religion, whcih means that one that wishes to become a Dostori, Gasteori or Adalori must go to the headquarters at the Gallar Confederation with a letter of recommendation and a book of acts. Once they are judged, the Adaloris will appoint and think on the possibility of the one becoming any of those.
A Dostori must have more than 50% approval from the Councils, a Gasteori 65% and an Adalori 80%. Other way is by doing the Ritual of the Red Autumn, which will indicate if it is the will of the goddess that one becomes a higher-class. If the goddess is in the favor of the priest, they automatically become Gasteorin or Adalorin, depending on their level of experience.
To becoming a Lori, the highest and most unique title in the Eryan religion, an Adalori must receive the Grace of the actual Lori and be chosen by the Goddess on a Ritual of the Red Autumn.

Granted Divine Powers

Each caste has a multitude of different powers granted by the Alma Mundi and by the technique of enlightment. Most peasants and followers only have the ability to replicate prayers that may or may not active an effect on the structure of the universe that will be in their favor. Each caste of Priests has different powers and knowledge, and the Lori, the highest of them all, has powers untold that could doom the world - and almost did. (See The Eryan Incident)

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Order of Erya is recognized as the Official State Religion (or one of them) in 17 Western Countries, having great political influence and having a Holy Army that could outnumber many other armies in the world. They say that they have power on their left hand and knowledge on their right. In Gallari and many other countries they have special places on the parliament and on voting decisions that could, potentially, be more powerful than the very leaders of those countries.

Kindness and Passion

Religious, Holy Order
Permeated Organizations

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21 Jan, 2019 23:43

Absolutely a great start to your World Anvil! I'd love to see some more links to other bits, I wish I could have clicked "Mother-Goddess" for it to take me to their article. Aside from a few grammar quirks it reads very well and will be a solid foundation on your world.   If you know anything about me you'll know that I always say COVER ART. Get a cover image! They are the best way to draw your eye into the article, that being said the logo is fantastic and really draws the eye. In fact all the sidebar content is great!

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Very nice work on this article. I'd recommend some typo-hunting, as there were some small grammar quirks that could be polished up.   I did feel like the article read slightly to positively about the Order. Do they have detractors? Who are their enemies? Are there any flaws in their leadership? The article is nice but it reads slightly like something they'd write about themselves, not an overall view of the church. If that was intended, ignore this point.   Maybe I'm being dumb but what was "You shall pay as you receive" mean in the commandments? Is it like a karma thing? I also suggest not using contractions like "it's" in the commandments either, it kinda weakens some of the olden world style of them.

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Gosh, I imagine how many typos and quirks I have done since I wrote that half asleep. More than normally.   There is a slight bias, because I'm describing how the Order view themselves, but I didn't mean to list the overall qualities and forget the flaws. I probably have to make some editions.   I was thinking on using things like "Thou shalt" and that kind of stuff but it feels to... "Biblical"? Also, You shall pay as you receive means that if someone does something good to you, you have to respond with something good, and if anyone does something bad, well... It usually conflicts with the tenth commandment, but that means you have to maintain the "balance".

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That's what I guessed but I wasn't entirely sure! <3 Awesome work overall.

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A few typos, but overall I quite like the article. It is detailed, and I quite like how big and popular the religion is. I kind of wish the history was a bit more in depth, but what there is is ok. Is there any enemies, and do they have militarisitc ideals? Finally, it would be cool if there was a history of previous leaders

B.K. Bass
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Very interesting! Great job detailing the basic tenants of the faith, such as the priesthood, origins, and views.   Critique: I would expand on how the religion effects the daily life of the people. How do the common people view the faith, both in terms of the cosmological views and in regards to the organization itself?   Question: You mentioned that the religion has a powerful military arm. Has this been used in the past? How and against whom, and for what reasons? I see a non-aggression pact - what lead up to the wars mentioned there? Detail on that conflict would make a great "Military Conflict" article to link this to, but I would still have a little summary here for ease of reference.

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