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Elodíl is a world of magick, with the mystical forces of elsewhere teeming through the veins of the universe, feeding it with its potential. The ancient powers of before lay beneath, benign and blind to the outer world. The light of the above slowly fades into nothingness, and in the darkness of the realms of forgotten and forbidden magick lurks the shadows of The Dreaded.   Here, rulers and leaders thrive and languish, in a slow cycle of decadency, as new ones take their place. A place of noble houses, that grow and rot, a place of dreams of power. Much like our world, Elodíl is a world of ambition, a world of battles, a world of pretension.   Chaos and entropy unfold around the lives of the common, joy on simple things can be found. A world of war and death, but also ofwonders and marvels, of beauty, a blessing granted by the gods.

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