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524 5E

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From the shards of a broken world, the gods descended and began to forge anew. Weary themselves from eons of battle and strife, they cradled the dust and ashes of ages past and brought them together, breathing new life into it. Or so the story goes...   Ellecrid is a diverse and truly dynamic world, where the old saying "actions have consequences" rings truer than any alarm bell. There is a great deal to explore in Ellecrid and discover, ruins and scars left deeply embedded in the heart of the world, reaching all the way back to it's creation. There are many secrets, some more obvious than others, but all lacking clarity to even the most transcendent sages.   Ellecrid is a place full of life and possibility. Beggars can become kings, adventurers can become conquerors, and power can shift hands at anytime. Everything is within reach to those who would set their minds to the task of achieving their goals and dreams.   There is only one thing all know of Ellecrid; be wary of the Shattered Vale.