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"The First Empire has fallen ! Our glory is no more, and Progress has stoped ! Humanity is divided , thousands are dying from unregulated magic and war , we have to unite to survive these harsh times ! And believe me , one day a Second Empire will rise and peace and prosperity will come !"   A priest of Progress , year 2 of the Second Era   " The Empire of the Humans is no more , they are leaving our ravaged lands , we are free of their domination , even if our culture and religion has disapeared it is a new Era and we must seek vengence and become the new empire !"   Borowin , first king of the Bannadins, year 2 SE     " I, Akkadian I , designated by Progress, unite all the huamans to enter the glorius Era , an Era of Progress , Prosperity and Peace ! All Humans must unite and form a new nation, an Empire that will be guided by progress ! And I will be your Emperor"   Akkadian the Great , year 3 of the First Era

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