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knight maxime / Von Drogon (a.k.a. the impaler,the great)

A ruthless knight and the founder of" the dragon riders "company (they don't ride dragons he just likes them) A great warrior and military strategist. The citizens of the empire see him as a great hero his enemies and some of his own soldiers see him as a monster.

Divine Symbols & Sigils


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

he is verry tall and realy strong but he is way faster than you would expect. he lost his eye in the battle of the rigged river but now a red light can be seen in that place during combat. looks older than he is. He is large among mutant humans

Body Features


Facial Features

strong jaw line beard thick eyebrows big nose

Identifying Characteristics

he has a tattoo from his demon lechor on his back

Physical quirks

intimidating stature right hand he runs odd

Special abilities

human abilities dread slach ( verry powerful slach) death leap ( verry fast thrust ) teleport advanced ( can teleport short distances ) basic heal summon demon (every dark knight has a demon ) warg mastery ( can transform into a animal )   mutants and forbidden mind control fire bend transform dragon

Apparel & Accessories

he looks like he is always prepard to fight. he wears a at least a heavy combat gambirson he mostly wears his black armor

Specialized Equipment

verry heavy armor gambirson --> male --> plated armor his breastplate resembles a rib cage halberd great sword

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was transported in this world together Ranta, Klaire, Shara, Arthur ,sahra , Bill, Lenny , Boris , Kieren Gragor ,... Because of his strange accent, Gregory's group didn't want him in their team. He got recruited by Kieren's group they were the weakest of the two. Everyone chose a class so he and Ranta became dark knights. Unlike the others, he had a talent for fighting and on their first hunt he killed the two goblins. Because he killed the two he kept the lood of the strongest goblin for himself. A month later the group encountered a new breed of goblins in the ruined city he and the group got separated. After he killed the odd goblins he tried to find his party members but he encountered another group. He helped them fight off the goblins and helped them steal a treasure but they didn't want to share with him. So he led some goblins to there hideout while they were sleeping and stole the treasure. After two days he came back the group told him that Kieren was dead and the group had a new member marry. He wasn't really shocked nor sad for Kieren it made his party really angry. He instead took the opportunity to lead the group. Because the city became too dangerous they went to the abandoned mines were the kobolds where. He killed evil eye a legendary kobold. He ordered sahra to destroy the fields of the kobolds. He also ordered to fortify their position so that no kobold left the mine alive. After two weeks he decided to attack the mines with the help of the official military and he nearly eradicated them. But general Lancelot decided to enslave them.   They gave him the rank of lieutenant and three servants. His next mission was to capture toendra fort a fort in the mountains together with commander Will. Boris died on this mission. The fort had an old library and because it was so cold outside he spends his time reading in the old books learning the forgotten techniques he shared them with the others but he kept the strongest for himself. He also learned of an old ritual that can transform humans (make them stronger faster better reflexes,...) so he and 20 others prepared to perform it. He also paid an adventure to sleep with him so he can have a child because the ritual makes you infertile. 17 people died in the ritual but it went good with him because he was still growing so his body was easier to transform because he was still in his teens. He founded the dragon riders and fought in many battles. After the battle on the rigged river, a personal defeat for Maxime but it led to the victory of the empire. Bulindion was captured and the war was won.He got new missions. But those missions were different. They were important missions for the empire. He recruited a necromancer and her sister. He didn't like them but the group liked them so he could not refuse. He convinced one of the girls to leave the group and take care of her village because the village was attacked. The other (the necromancer) didn't really care about the village so she stayed in the group. A few weeks later Maxime got in a brawl in a town. He killed 5 people. He was too drunk to escape so he woke up in a cell. He noticed that Shara had found him after a few hours she was warged in a bird. He tried to tell her that she had to go buy supplies and then break him out of prison but she didn't understand it. So she knocked out the warden and she warged back into an animal form. Because he didn't have supplies they had to buy some. But Shara didn't have any money with her and there was no time to go back to camp and shop for supplies. So Maxime stole the supplies. When they wanted to flee a girl approached Maxime (Shara was warged into a horse) She wanted to get out of the village because the people treated her like garbage. Maxime agreed to take her with her. She was named Kato (he could always use a hostage). After that, he became a notorious outlaw he killed many innocent people. He made sure his group wasn't there when he killed tho. They escaped after the group had to kill some bounty hunters who were pursuing them. They destroyed a bridge and disappeared into the mountains. They stayed into a village but Maxime hid by walking into a black cat or an owl. The group stayed there for a while. Told them that he was leaving for a few days and if he came back they had to leave immediately. He flew to a city with a rich lord and he pulled off one of the greatest heists in history. He faked his death and escaped with the money. He killed everyone else who was involved. But after two weeks people suspected that he didn't die and that it was a trick. But after two weeks it was too late they could not track where he was anymore. Maxime wore different armor so people could not recognize him. The group stayed in the capital city. After a week he heard rumors about him being in the city and that confused him. But it was actually @emanuel a different dragon rider.

in the capital

Emanuel led a group with two other dragon riders and together they were stronger. They could earn more money. After a few days of planning, Maxime sends away his group so they weren't in danger. This was the heist of the century they made roughly 300 000. Maxime took the two princes hostages. Maxime got now a bounty of 40 000 on his head. He dropped the princesses a week later in a castle and he and Emanuel flew away because they warged into birds. They crossed the river and fled into the demi-human country. There they weren't criminals any longer. He was more heroic in the demi-human country, he helped more people. The mood in the group improved a lot. One day ranta overheard a conversation about a dragon who was in the area. It was a golden dragon.Ranta convinced the party that they could slay the dragon and get its gold. The two groups fought and killed the golden dragon. After that, they returned to Borondos . Maxime donated 40% of his gold to the dragon riders he shared the artifacts and ancient scrolls and after four weeks the dragon riders were complete again and were ready to fight in the war. Maxime had his eye on a large castle for a while now and he arranged that he would get the castle. The castle was hard to conquer most cities and keeps surrender on the sight of the dragon riders banners but not this one. The castles defense held them off for 2 months. But assassination team killed the lord and a few commanders and after that the castle surrendered. Maxime owns the castle now. He changed the name to veldengroof.

the new lord

µ He owns a castle and a city now but he dislikes to rule. He makes the major decisions but he doesn't do things himself. Most of the time he leaves his castle to find artifacts or slay other dragons. He invest lots of money on adventurers who track down dragons so maxime can fight them.

Gender Identity



straight he is kinda into kobold woman but he will never admit it


one week of basic training in dread fort.


dark knight admiral mercenary

Accomplishments & Achievements

capturing fort toundra capturing the mines and enslaving the kobolds killing red eyes rediscovering a lot of forgotten knowledge

Failures & Embarrassments

the battle off the rigged river, his transformation

Mental Trauma

When he got separated from his group he nearly starved. He found it one of the most agonizing things in the world. He prefers to die by a quick chope than slowly starving to death. The transformation was long and very painful every muscle got stretched ripped and twisted. He grew a lot and his body mass increased fast. He vomited the entire time always trying not to drown in it because his nose bled constantly. After three days that vomit turned into blood. His head felt like you make it repeatedly with a hammer. Because he was gen 1 he didn't have any painkillers at all.

Intellectual Characteristics

he is verry strategic and logical.

Morality & Philosophy

Maxime would do anything to anyone for his survival. But he wouldn't do everything for everyone for his survival. He only feels obliged to follow the rules of the empire the rest is just more of a convenience.


kobalt woman

Personality Characteristics


leave behind a great legecy

Savvies & Ineptitudes

can make great plans , can't realy explean them verry clever , short consentration spam

Likes & Dislikes

loves: fighting ,hunting ,eating hates dancing , fishing , doing shores

Virtues & Personality perks

quick to act ,loyal

Vices & Personality flaws

has no patiense he does not help with the chores

Personality Quirks

is always hasty dark sense of humour verry deep sleeper


he only washes himself if he really needs it


Contacts & Relations

he is on good therms with every guild.

Family Ties

he has a son.

Religious Views

he worships the demons and sacrifices slaves, to make his demon stronger.

Social Aptitude

he always wears a helmet when he is standing in front of large groups so that they can not see his face. people say that he is very odd.


he uses simple sentences. But he is never rude towards his superiors

Hobbies & Pets

three slaves a demon (lechor )


he uses simple sentences with a odd accent he swears in another language. he has a low voice.




Towards maxime





Towards Arthur




Arthur thinks that Maxime is a good friend who always tells jokey jokes. They can talk to each other for hours. It would be a very good thing if Maxime was not so cruel. Arthur likes to talk to him, but he sees the way he treated others and his cold-hearted reaction when something bad happens that maxime is not such a good friend. He admires Maxime as a warrior, but he despises his evil ways. He doubts that Maxime cares about something or someone but himself. But Arthur still mourned Maxime when Maxime pretended to be death for his plan. And he was verry happy to see him back alive.


friend/leader (Important)

Towards Ranta



friend (Important)

Towards maxime



Ranta and Maxime always had a mutual understanding. Maxime was the only one who appreciates Ranta humor. Maxime and Ranta are the only two dark knights in the party. Maxime thinks that Ranta is as ruthless as he is. But Ranta isn't, Ranta has PTSD because what he and the dragon riders did. He also knows that Maxime isn't a shoulder to cry on. He would probably laugh at you. Ranta is the one of the group who knows more of Maxime's darker tendencies.

Shared Secrets

Ranta knows about the raids


member (Vital)

Towards maxime




Leader (Trivial)

Towards Klaire




When Maxime became the leader of the group, she noticed how evil Maxime could be. While Maxime finds her pathetic, weak and ordinary dead weight in general. she can not stand his cruelty and he can not stand her sentimentality. Even though she has more confident then she used to have . She is just to afraid of what Maxime would do if she stood up to him. She saw him burn people alive for less. the only things that she find slightly redeemable is the fact that he isn't cruel to people for no reason and that he is loyal but lazy .



Towards maxime





Towards Bruze




Maxime is his father but because he was busy he could not be a good father. Maxime isn't a good father anyway. He scares Bruze

Wealth & Financial state

he is rich for an adventurer but for a lord he is quite poor. he now lives in a villa in Borondos with his group. he has an expensive horse and expensive armor.   he has relatively much influence over the army. And a lot of influence in the city
lawful evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
he has been knighted
Year of Birth
1258 18 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
before dark green eyes now one orange cat eye
short dark brown beard
before 1.79 now 2.24m
before 66 kg now 418 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
french common.

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