Mauhr-Ro-Mauha, Raistr, Sloa;bolsro
(Uma believe that song and music carry more than words can say)
(They carry out beyond sight)
Hapro Ain;canani
(and speak to the heart without knowing)

Nheiohmauhr osc Naioh-Ro-Rahisc-Ro-Iea-Ro-Utaiar
(We sing of the AllMother, a song of freedom, of journey, of skill and fireceness.)
Niknipa-Ro-Acranipa Atmuad;chaakt kabnikni (She tricked and stole from Atmu wanting to trick her)
(She beat the ones who made her)
(She befriended the honorable Padu)

Bic Rahspr;atmukaac-kabicni
(Won the race they set up to lose)
Iscipa, raha;naehempra
(Walked a path through the mountain)
Atnabo-Ro-Boioh, urypa, atmuad
(Tore fins and breath from the Atmu to win)
Aiakbioh, kabliocalu;loiotpra
(Was the first to swim through the water)
Aiakbioh, kabasiahac;Iohnirahu
(Was the first to reach World’s End)
Aiakbioh, kabracicca;micalu
(Was the first to come back to home)

Rahspr Paruospa
(Her race was gifted)
Liocalunai, Umatoe
(Uma allowed to swim free)
(No more Atmu control)
Kabumtoaiako, Umatoe Liocalu
(Uma swim to their own destiny)


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