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Inioth of the Depths

The Duke of Apathy

Duke of Apathy

A wicked Child of Apathy, Inioth serves the demon king Mazadar as a sorcerer and assassin. He and his kin Gruryl are responsible for the extinction of man on Eleran, but since has been locked in the catacombs beneath Nightreach Citadel, enchanted by a sleeping spell.

Physical Description

Body Features

Inioth bears the twisted form of a great centipede, with gleaming black chitin and dozens of legs able to climb nearly any surface. However, this centipede body is merely a portion of Inioth, for from the waist up he resembles a pale man, albeit with arcing horns and a forked tongue. He has rough slits for a nose and is absent of hair, his small eyes sitting beneath a high brow.

Special abilities

Inioth bears the ability to enter the mind of any he has come into physical contact with. While he cannot speak with or control any who fall prey to his powers, he is able to gleam their every thought, and can sift through their memories at will.

Inioth's eyes are small and round, as featureless as a pool of ink.
Skin Tone
His skin is milky white and unmarred by disturbances of any extent.
Inioth stands somewhere around fifteen feet.

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