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Gruryl the Ruiner

The Duke of Revelry

The Duke of Revelry

A brutish Child of Revelry, Gruryl serves the demon king Mazadar as a conqueror and warleader. He and his kin Inioth are responsible for the extinction of man on Eleran, but has since been locked in the catacombs beneath Nightreach Citadel, enchanted by a sleeping spell.

Physical Description

Body Features

A titan of muscle and fur, Gruryl's body is mostly man-shaped, with several notable exceptions. His head reminds one of a boar, with razor-sharp tusks and a long snout. His hands and feet are covered in reptilian scales, and each bear three clawed digits. A similarly lizard-like tail swishes behind him, with bone spines running down it's length from the base of his neck.

Specialized Equipment

A warrior through and through, Gruryl is seldom far from his great spear, which has impaled many a just king during Gruryl's campaigns. While he may not be as eloquent as his cousin Inioth, on the battlefield Gruryl becomes a force of nature, trampling enemies beneath his feet and striking down all who dare oppose him.

Large and yellow, with rectangular pupils.
Gruryl is covered from head to toe in matted brown hair.
Gruryl is a giant at nearly twenty feet tall.

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