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This is the capital of The Empire.


This is the only place in The Empire with no ethnic majority.


If you break a law then you can fix it by paying a fine. (And giving back the stuff you stole) If you can't pay the fine, then you go to prison. 150 Tarrali equals 5 local weeks in prison. So technically, you can get away with a murder if you are rich enough, because the fine for a murder is 10.000.000 Tarrali, which is about 15.000.000 dollars or 12.900.000 Euros. If you 'only' own 9.100.000 Tarrali, you will spend 30.000 local weeks in prison, which is 48 years, and when you come out of prison, you will have nothing, because the government will sell as much of your property as possible to make your prison time as short as possible.   The tax is not very high, but the government has got enough money to run the country and still have some leftover money for the emperor to use.


There is a thick wall around the city, and if they might be attacked, everyone delivers as much rocks and as many sacks of water to fight the enemy, everyone works toghether and everyone knows their place in the army when the enemy arrives.


Most of the inhabitants of Twojef work for the millitairy, in temples or are merchants or other kinds of business owners.


The capital has six 'layers'. The middle one, where people are the richest and have the strongest dinning powers, is home the most important people of the Empire. The further you go outside, the weaker the dinning powers are and the less influencive the people are. The living conditions are not much worse, the houses are just smaller.


Twojef was founded when the old capital, Ezenkaan was destroyed, in 217 GuE.


The style of architecture in Twojef is a combination of ancient Greek and old Japanese. The most commonly used materials are dark wood and the whitest marble of The Empire.


It lies on a large plains, next to a lake.

Natural Resources

Hard to say, there are buildings everywhere, af few kilometers away is a lot of wood, because there is a forest. North, there is a large deposit of marble.

about 753 000
The Emperor

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