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The Pure

The Goddess of Life Shalvit. She is a very kind and patient. Loves all the creators everywhere.   The Pure (as the call themselves) live like she did when she was mortal (at least they think so, the history is very fussy at this point). They don’t kill, they don’t keep secrets from each other, they ask if the plants if they can eat them. They don’t wear clothes because they can’t kill.   Every year they have 3 traditions.   -The Course of life, where the youngest and the oldest preform a play, they then eat, the elder first and the youngest last.   -The Feast of the Harvest, where they thank The Goddess for the food that she always provides for them. And last but not least   -The Asses of The Dead, where they honour the Dead and mourn for those who are living without love. They go to the graveyard in not to gloomy not to festive clothing. Where they party to be thankful for the life they’ve been given.   The Pure life in peace. On a piece of land in Earth and close to the border of The Empire. It's a big mountain surrounded by a river.


Everyone is equal.


They don't possess anything. They believe everything is from The Goddess.

Demography and Population

It's part of the Queendom of Life.

Secret, Religious sect
Alternative Names
The Extremists
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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