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Palace of Her Majesty The Queen of Life

This palace is made out of only natural materials. Only the best benders have been chosen to work on this project. The stairs are made of weaven tree roots. You have 2 columns, they are tree which are perfectly straight. The you have a big wall with a giant door made out of sticks with iceglass in between. The rest of the building is made out of trees and their roots and leaves. The interior is mostly weaven chairs and couches made from branches. The curtains are made from leaves. That have been made into thin threads and than weaven. The desks have been made from birch wood. And the beds are made from bamboo. The beds are four-poster beds and the courtains are made from silk threads.


It is strictly made out of natural materials, wood from the woods of Cibiya, the tree roots and sticks amd leaves from the woods and only the best ice from Water.


Was build by only the best benders. The current Queen lives there. Her mother and grandmother lived here to. Her greatgrandmother helped build this palace. And tradition is that everyone that lives here helps build it. They have all put their mark on this grand and beautiful palace.

Parent Location
Queen of Life

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