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This place lies at the edge of the Queendom of Life. It only has a couple of buildings; The Temple of the First Ruler, the offertemple for our Godess Helia and The Secret Temple witch has been lost for a very long time. Lots of people used to go here. Ontil the day of the curse. Everything started goung wrong. Sinds then it has been abandoned.


The temple lies on the top of a hill that slowly glides downwards. At the very edge stands the offertemple. It overlooks the sea. It used to be beautiful. Imagine a bright blue sea and on the cliff the most beautiful temple you have ever seen. There is a forest surrounding the whole place.

Flora & Fauna

Some say the forest around the place is magical. It is not however. There is a local group in the forest wich only let those pass who are worthy and see the beauty. There live lots of big animals. Like wolves and coyotes. But also small ones like squirels and lots of rodents. The forest exists out of pine trees. There tall and stand close together. The are perfectly maintained. On the hill are lots of beautiful and rare flowers and plants.

Natural Resources

You can find the most beautiful wood from the forest. Pure water from the sea and lots of flowers.
Coast / Shore
Queen of Life

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