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A Stronks

The Stronks is a animal with a furry coat wich has the shape of a tree stump. It has a big oval shaped head wich is on it’s side. It has small eyes that are slender. And it has a scaled tail. And lynx-like ears.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

It has three limbs. A arm on his back wich he uses as a trunk. It has two feet. One by his head and one by it’s tail. Its tail is on the back side of his treestrunk body. It’s head is on the other side. It’s feet are sort of claw-like. With three claws. It’s mouth is a hole like fish have. It has no neck.

Genetics and Reproduction

It reproduces every year 2 times. The pregnancy durates for 1 season. Then it takes another 3 seasons to rase it’s baby. Then it is able to conseve another baby.

Ecology and Habitats

It lives in the woods. The people of the forest of Gzaët keep it as a pet. It needs not to high but also not to low temperatures. It sleeps in holes it digs with his front paw.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It ‘snifs’ with his trunk and uses echolocation to find his prey. He eats berry and small rodents. Once he has find his food he puts it in a hole close to its sleeping place.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

iq if it were a human: about 23

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Its hearing is excellent, it’s 5x better than human hearing. He is blind. So he uses echolocation. It has many hairs on his trunk so he can also sense his location.

Scientific Name
Stronkus stammus
Male 5 earth years. Female 6 earth years
Average Height
95 cm
Average Weight
Male 45 kg Female 35 kg
Average Length
2,85 meters incl. its tail
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The females are most likely grey or brown. When they are pregnant however they are very colourful and intense. Like a deep purple or a ocean blue. The males have a very rich red or a forest green colour.

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