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The Chosen


Shamans led by the Monarch

Public Agenda

To bring out the growth and expansion of the Fire Clan.


King Aldonus created it when he started to lose men in the Great War.



Mythology & Lore

Al Scherah died creating the world and so 3 new Deities arrived to help their chosen people( The Fire Clan) prosper and conquest.

Divine Origins

First introduced by King Aldonus

Cosmological Views

Al Scherah created the world but then died fixing it after the light and dark clans died off.

Tenets of Faith

Anything to bring forth the betterment of the Fire Clan is welcomed.


The people have small figurines or idols in their room. Every morning, one must light the three candles in front of the idols and pray. On the 30th of Harvest Season, each person must go to the temples in Adagant and pray and sacrifice gold.


Shamans guide the people and are appointed by the Monarch. There is one per village but the head 3 Shamans are located in Adagant, capital of the Fire Clan. Each Shaman is over one God so if the Shaman in you village is over Nytenya and you need the one for Hremnir, you need to travel to that village. Each of the three main Shamans in Adagant are over different Gods.

Granted Divine Powers

The Shamans have the right to act in the name of the Gods for the people around them.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Shamans are appointed and removed by the Monarch.




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Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations
Related Ethnicities

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