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Fire Clan

Home of the Fire Clan


Royal family that controls through a absolute monarchy.

Public Agenda

The betterment and expansion of the Fire Clan.


Gold, Obsidian, Crops from volcanic soil,


Created by Al Scherah using the cleansing power of Fire.



Demography and Population

Population of roughly 416,000. 296,000 citizens and 120,000 slaves.


The Clan expanded until it ran into other people which created land disputes and the Great War. Since then, Land was split up pretty evenly with the Great Divide creating a barrier in between the north and the south.


Men, some Women, and Slaves all fight in the army. Slaves who fight in the army for 20 years win their freedom and freedom for their immediate family. This service can be spread out through immediate family. (ex. Father serves 10 years, son serves 10.)


Belief in Al Scherah is dead. Belief in polytheistic religion consisting of 3 Gods and Goddesses: Seteyus (God of Fire), Hremnir (God of War), and Nytenya (Goddess of Victory).

Foreign Relations

Truce with Water, Earth, and Wind. Unsteady allies with Lightning and Poison.

Agriculture & Industry

Lots of agriculture from the fertile volcanic soil. Lots of mining in the southern parts of the country. Lots of obsidian to make weapons from the volcanos.

Trade & Transport

Most trade comes from Trade Carts and/or Trade ships.


Children are taught in village schools. Nobles and Royals are taught with private tutors. Slaves are not educated.

Mythology & Lore

Al Scherah died after creating the Fire Clan and so new Gods intent on gaining glory for their chosen people appeared.

Divine Origins

King Aldonus (King Edmund's Father) declared Al Scherah had died long ago and their new Gods were going to bring lasting glory to the clan.

Cosmological Views

Al Scherah created them then died and so the new gods came to aid them.

Tenets of Faith

The Book of Divinity outlines all basic rules and commandments of the religion and their Gods.


All things benefitting the growth and expansion of the Fire Clan are welcome and permitted although anything regarding another person must be harmless or with consent.


On the appointed day, everyone travels to the temple and offers prayers and an amount of gold to show their love.


Those who enforce and lead the religion are called Shamans. There is one per city except in the Capital where the three top Shamans reside and preach. They are appointed by the King/Queen.

Granted Divine Powers

Shamans are believed to be given diving power to bless people, croops, and animals.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The shamans are controlled ultimately by the Monarch but have free reign to do whatever.




With Fire We Rise

0 - -

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Gold, Obsidian, Agriculture
Major Imports
Fine cloth, rubies, livestock
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
King/Queen and their soldiers
Related Ethnicities

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