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Obsidian Observatory

The Plane of Magma is a very inhospitable place, but for the wizard Tressafyne it also might hold the key to understanding the multiverse. She and a small band of apprentices learned of ancient lines of magic that run through the Plane of Magma, and they believe these lines connect up to every portion of the multiverse in some way. In order to study the strange phenomena, which many in the planar scholarly community do not believe really exist, Tressafyne commissioned a building where she could conduct her research. The azer that built it considered her mad, but they did as they were paid, and the Obsidian Observatory was constructed to Tressafyne’s exact specifications.   The Obsidian Observatory is a large dome made of shiny black obsidian, magically treated to withstand the power of the lava around it, with several towers protruding along its top. Tressafyne chose a cavern in the Plane of Magma that seemed to be the focus of the magical lines she believed would unlock the multiverse’s secrets, though over time the cavern has collapsed and reformed due the flowing molten rock of the plane.

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