The Spinner Estate

A decent-sized area of land owned by the Spinner Family, containing a large manor. It lies on the southwestern outskirts of the capital of Eseris, Sesilen, and sits next to the village of Lera. It is land claimed by the Sesilen Temple Housing Act, gifted by the Temple of Ersola after Efiel Spinner saved the High Priest (Supradia) from assassination.   The manor itself employs a mixture of Coastal Erdantine and Eserisian architecture, and has nine bedrooms and three guest rooms. The estate measures in at around 50 square kilometres, 20 of which are forest, and 30 farmland. The farm's main crop is wheat fields and orange trees, both of which are sold in Sesilen and its neighbouring villages. Lumber from the estate forest is also sold.

Purpose / Function

The estate serves as the main residence and source of income for the Spinner Family.


The villa is situated towards the centre of the grounds, and has a large garden on its northern face. A large two-storey storehouse sits to its southern side, which is used for exports to Sesilen and the neighbouring villages. Another, smaller storehouse sits next to the villa, which is for the personal use of the family and guests.


The architecture is a hybrid of Eserisian and Erdantine. It utilizes both the arches and colonnades of Eseris and the slate roofs and timber framing of Thorn.
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Owning Organization
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