Sparrow Spinner

Sparrow Spinner

I've always gotten on well with Sparrow. Shame she had to go back to Sesilen. That said, she always really belonged there. She deserves to lead, and this was always the place she could do that.
— S
  Sparrow Spinner is the head of the Spinner Family, an accomplished Artificer and the younger sister of Jay Spinner, the reincarnation of the god Edreni and hero of the Syndalan-Orlendian war.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sparrow was born in Sesilen to the Spinner Family in 1495 and had an easy upbringing, raised in prosperity. When Jay moved into Staema Alera in 1512, she moved in with him and kept communications between Jay and the various militaries of Orlend throughout the Syndalan-Orlendian war. After the death of Ezeh Spinner, she was made the head of the family, and proved to be very effective at a leading role. In 1587, she made the decision to return the family to metalworking and artifice, something they had strayed from in the past 80 years or so towards a more generic agricultural income, and asked for the assistance of her estranged brother, Jay Spinner to teach enchantment concepts to members of the family, which he grudgingly accepted.


Sparrow has received lessons in metallurgy, engineering, and magic. She is familiar with the works of Eriaen Montergo and knows the Nature of Magic word-for-word. She has also pursued education in Shadra and Breklend, both known for their approaches to magical understanding being unconvential to Erdantian and Eserisian scholars.


During her time in Staema Alera, Sparrow took up several artificery jobs around eastern Erdantia, Aven, and Gaen.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While Sparrow was always an esteemed member of the Spinner Family, she became especially respected through her skill at handling affairs between governments in Orlend (specifically the Kingdom of Erdantia and Eseris) and the Company of Staema Alera, where she would use her position in the Spinner Family to coordinate attacks made by Jay on Syndal with their militaries.

Personality Characteristics


Like her brother, Sparrow feels a strong desire to protect and care for her family. However, while Jay finds family in the people he has fought alongside and lives with, Sparrow opts to protect her biological family.

Virtues & Personality perks

Unlike her brother, Sparrow is much better at seeing the bigger picture, and is often more pragmatic and less emotional.


Contacts & Relations

Despite having left Staema Alera, Sparrow retains contact with its residents. She gets on best with S, sharing his no-nonsense, logical attitude to life. Although she does not know them particularly well, she enjoys the company of Staema Alera's newest resident, Zahariel Margolis, the two of them having a passion for enchantment (although the two of them find very different uses for the craft).

Family Ties

Sparrow is one of the few in her family to retain contact with her brother, Jay Spinner. She keeps on good terms with him, but the two often come to arguments over Jay's withdrawal from family affairs, as Jay feels no obligation to remain involved in the family's problems.

Religious Views

Sparrow is Supradian, and attends religious events fairly regularly. Her family have long been associated with Supradia, having been gifted large tracts of land by the High Priest of Supradia.


Sparrow Spinner

Sister (Vital)

Towards Jay Spinner



Jay Spinner

Brother (Vital)

Towards Sparrow Spinner




Jay and Sparrow have had a rocky relationship since Jay refused to inherit leadership of the family after their father's death, and Sparrow took control of the family instead. Jay has always put the family he chose above the family he was born into. Blood is thicker than water, as he puts it.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Jay and Sparrow have a fierce rivalry, mainly centered around Jay's refusal to take part in family activities.

Wealth & Financial state

Sparrow is in possession of the wealth of the Spinner Family, the family having been gifted large areas of land by the Temple of Ersola under the Temple of Ersola Housing Reclamation Act.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1495 100 Years old
Jay Spinner (Brother)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Black, shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5 ft 9
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Sparrow was raised bilingual in Erdantine and Eserisk, speaking Eserisk in the home. She also knows a few words of Cordaintine, although is far from fluent. She is semi-fluent in Shadraki and Breklendian, but largely relied on others to translate their works.


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