Kristoffer Johannson

Kristoffer Johansson was a Kelbrikan surgeon, rebel and public speaker instrumental in the liberation of northern Orlend.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Johannson was born to a family of middle-class barber-surgeons in 1281. He spent the first three years of his adulthood studying under the Royal Medical School. After this, he spent time with a travelling market, providing medical care to anyone who needed him. When he was 28, word spread that the Kingdom of Thorn had rebelled against the Cordaint Empire. This inspired him to incite revolution in Kelbrike. He discretely passed out pamphlets to anyone he treated, urging them to help the revolution. This eventually caught the attention of the Kelbrikan Partisans, who recruited him as a figurehead in 1314.


Kristoffer attended the Royal Medical School, Iorna, graduating with decent results. He also learned further medical knowledge from his family, who assisted him in surgery for the better part of a year.


Kristoffer spent just under a year working for his family, before being employed as the designated surgeon of a travelling market.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kristoffer was crucial in the Kelbrikan revolution against the empire. He was known to be able to incite revolution with mere words, and his actions led to the uprisal of many cities around the province of Kelbrike.

Morality & Philosophy

While Kristoffer did not believe that the annexation of Krlbrike was inherently bad, he strongly disagreed with the way that native Kelbrikans were treated. He was no stranger to this mistreatment, having to struggle with steep taxes and restrictive laws himself. It was this that made his join the rebellion.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kristoffer was a learned surgeon and a naturally skilled public speaker, capable of bringing tears to the eyes of all but the most soulless people.
1281 1346 65 years old
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Kristoffer was raised to speak both kelbrikan and Cordaintine, as were many children living under the Cordaintine annexation.


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3 Oct, 2019 17:15

I'd love to hear about his personal life and perhaps his childhood. Did it influence his political action? I'm getting strong white rose vibes from the whole secretive pamphlets.