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The most famous pirate is believed to have previously been a lesser Bay Varman noble who went missing when they were 16 years old. The young noble was believed dead for five years until rumours began to circulate about this new and dreaded pirate. The pirate used to board trade ships as they journey between the Bay and the Isles which has caused a lot of trade disruption and made the pirate rich. The King and Emperor have issued a high bounty on the pirates head as they are the most wanted criminal and it is an embarrasment to the Emperor that such a criminal is able to operate so closely to the seat of power. Although the pirate is feared by all who travel on the sea, the pirate always offers their captives a choice, swear loyalty and join the crew or be killed. Many chose to join the pirate crew and are given positions on the ship. It is believed that the pirate is unwilling to shed unnecessary blood. If captured the pirate will most likely receive the death penalty although they may be banished to the Zuterro underground to mine corestones. The pirate became a captain through staging a mutiny against the previous captain as they were very good at diplomacy and manipulating people to do their will. The pirate is very charming and some of the lower classes see the pirate as a bit of a romantic hero.

Wealth & Financial state

Chun Thak does come from a wealthy family but as a pirate, she is very wealthy from all the gold that she has stolen from trade ships which frequent the Bay Varman cities. Her most prized asset is her ship.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Countess Chun Captain Thak
Currently Held Titles
The Bay Varmas City
Current Residence
The Pirate Ship
Pitch black
Raven black, thick curls and long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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