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Common slang and curse words

No offence whatsoever (Slang/Phrases)
  • Blazing skies (comes from the Night the Sky Set Fire, used to convey shock)
  • Have the chest (comes from a treasure chest, used when giving somebody something of importance)
  • Goblin laugh (comes from goblins being mischievous and childish, "you made a goblin laugh" is often said when someone makes an immature joke)
  • Siren's sailor (comes from the siren creatures, used to describe someone who doesn't know what they're getting into, often romantically)
  • See the chimera (comes from the unbelievable aspects of the chimera, used when someone tells a lie or story)
  • Dragon rider (comes from the legendary tribe of dragon riders, used towards somebody who is very brave)
  • Kitsie/Kits (comes from kitsune, used as a replacement for kitsune)
  • Sasko (comes from sasquatch, used as a replacement for sasquatch)
  • Lep (comes from leprechaun, used as a replacement for leprechaun or to describe a short person)
  • Willie (comes from Will-o'-the-wisp, used as a replacement for Will-o'-the-wisp)
  • Mallie (comes from Elemal, used jokingly and occasionally offensively shortening Elemal)
  • Reggown (comes from "regular town", used for non-mage cities, towns or settlements)
  • Dontrissue (comes from "I don't trust you", used to convey distrust towards a suspicious person)
  • Wassinare (comes from "what's in there", used to ask the contents of a container)
  • Demon juice (comes from the malicious intents of demons, used interchangeably with alcohol/liquor or drugs)
Minimal offence (Insults)
  • Mishing (comes from 'mish-mash' and (out of universe) the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, used to describe having intercourse)
  • Clannie (comes from clans, used to describe somebody who isn't related to one of the ancient seven clans)
  • Pegasus muzzle (comes from the pegasus, used to describe somebody who is a part of something beautiful or good but are ugly or bad themselves)
  • Mawwie/Mawie (comes from unknown sources, used as an insult)
More offence (Swears)
  • Ogre-misher (comes from the ogre and the concept of 'mishing', used as an insult
  • Minotaur-shit/Minotaur-crap (comes from minotaurs and shit (as in poop), used interchangeably with bullshit)
  • Non-Infie (comes from infinite, used by monsters from other dimensions to describe someone from only one dimension)
Extreme offence (Slurs)
  • Fishface (comes from fish and face (as in visage), used against Elemages or creatures living in the sea or other water)
  • lmp ass (comes from the imp creature and ass (as in rear end), used to describe somebody who is ugly)

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