Sweet Air

In the depths of the ocean, on the ocean floor, a sudden glint of silver will let you know you have found the beginning of a crop of this flower.   You usually do not find these flowers alone but in large fields populated with many flowers. The petal is silver and green and glimmer in the almost nonexistent light streaming into the ocean. The in the middle of the petal you see beautiful purple and teal center connecting to a thin stem. The stem then continues into the base where lavender tentacles like protrusions lay on the ocean floor. These protrusions have many little divots in which tiny bubbles of air escape and float in the water slowly rising to the surface.     This flower gets its name from the small of the tiny bubbles when they break on the surface.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The flower has small hair-like fibers on its entire being. These fibers have a numbing agent that paralyzes their prey. If the fish is on the larger side and continues thrashing, the flower has a defense mechanism where it will release an abundance of bubbles either scaring off the fish or causing the fish to suffocate in the oxygen-rich water.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Seed gets released and gets encased in the tiny air bubbles and travels in the ocean. When the Air bubble pops the seed gets deposited in the nearby soil.

Ecology and Habitats

These flowers are found between 2,000 and 4,000 feet below sea level. They may look like weak flowers, but they can withstand the mighty ocean current. The roots grow deep, and the steams are tough but flexible. The delicate-looking petals can endure the thrashing of the sea.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Carbon Dioxide is not only a food source but the small fish, algae, and plankton that comes near its petals are eaten and produced into nutrients. The flower also absorbs the water around it and produces the Oxygen that is released through its protrusions.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  • Air bubbles
  1. You can breathe air bubbles, but they are rich in oxygen. Due to this, you must make sure that you do not breathe too much as it makes you lightheaded and gives you euphoric feelings.
  2.  Young Merfolk are known to come to these fields and breathe in the bubble for the recreational experience.
  3. The Gnomes have weaponized the bubbles - they have devised a method to suspend the bubbles and when it is thrown along with a fireball it can be dangerous. When the matter around the bubble’s melts or shatters on the impact it releases the pure oxygen from the bubble and it causes the air in the bubble to go up in flame in quite an explosive manner.
  • A small sedative for fish like anatomy
  1. The toxin found on the hair-like fibers is a mild sedative for marine life

Civilization and Culture


This plant was originally cultivated by the Merfolk. It had many positive attributes, and the merfolk cultivated and used it mostly as an aesthetic in their gardens and in their underwater homes. So few plants were giving off such a nice smell and they quietly became a must in most homes. As these grew in popularity and in abundance some Merfolk began noticing the bubbles were give off more than a nice smell but could be used recreationally for the euphoric effects.   The Merfolk Society became weary of the overuse of air bubbles and began to regulate where these plants could be planted and how many were allowed within their villages.
Average Height
From the center of the body to the top of the stem around 2ft.
Average Weight
The Plant comes in at 5lb
Average Length
Tentacles about from 2ft to 3ft long.
Average Physique

Sweet air.jpg

by Marc Zipper (Valcin)

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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Oooh, pure oxygen sounds like such a lovely thing to weaponize! I like that!

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Thanks. I can't wait to use it on my players.

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Great article (and I'm happy to finally be able to comment on it :p)! This sounds like a very pretty flower :D   "release an abundance of bubbles either scaring off the fish or causing the fish to suffocate in the oxygen-rich water." This is an original defence mechanism, I like it :D though is the plant growing in stagnant water? Otherwise I imagine the oxygen would disperse rather quickly, though even if the fish only suffocate for a few seconds, that would certainly be good for scaring them.   I like the seeds being disperse by the bubbles too.   " Young Merfolk are known to come to these fields and breathe in the bubble for the recreational experience" oh, this is nice :D and I like that they have to regulate how many flowers are growing in their villages XD   " Young Merfolk are known to come to these fields and breathe in the bubble for the recreational experience - they have devised a method to suspend the bubbles" Do you mean that they've managed to get the bubbles out of the water without popping them? This is a nice use for them too :D   Nice drawing too! Although you need to add author credits even if you're the one who made it.

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Thank you. Disbursement really all depends on current, during the more stormy weather it can be less effective. but I think since they grow in such large fields more than flower going off will cause their neighbors to do the same.     Yes, the Gnomes discovered a way to put an ice case over the bubble to keep it from popping and uses pure oxygen to help expand their explosions.   Thanks for the tip on giving credit to the illustrator, even though the creator was me.

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Thank you. The clever Gnomes are to blame for the weaponization. The Bubbles are encased in ice and thrown on fires to cause explosions.

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