Salamander Grub Tavern

Welcome, All Adventurers from old and new, new blood or season veterans. We have a seat for you and all your party members. So come on in and enjoy some food and drink. We would love to hear the stories of your adventures or we could even tell you the stories of the Legends of old.
  Salamander Grub is the first tavern built in the city of Muse and the longest standing tavern in the city. It is known as a place for adventurers to gather before and after their ventures. You'll find the seasoned veterans, that live in the City of Muse, are regulars at this tavern. The reputation that this Tavern has in the city and the surrounding areas is that they have good food, non-diluted Ale, and every table has seating for your whole party. This Tavern also maintains a large collection of stories from the adventures that visit. Any adventurer can leave a story either written in their own hand or from the bards that frequent the tavern. Any patron has access to the Collection as long as they don't leave the tavern. Novice adventurers read the stories to give them tips and tricks they can use while on the road or during a near battle. Some of the stories are not about those that visit this Tavern but are a collection of scrolls that contains epic ballads of battles of old. Many strategists come to study these stories and learn from past victories and defeats. Almost every adventurer wants to leave their mark and will leave small stories and will home to add to the scroll when they return.

Purpose / Function

The place is known great for the legendary adventure or for you to leave your tale to become a legend. There have an excellent drink and food for any adventurer to enjoy as they tell the tale of their travel. They can also read up on old legends and heroes all way back to the founding of the Kingdom of Harmony. So this place has multiple purposes for its patrons. It is a very common meet-up spot for parties and for them to get some food and rest up before or after their exploits. It also has a very extensive Library full of past Adventures. So you can read up and learn about the trade. This is a well-known establishment you can meet potential party members without the use of any of the guilds. We have daily shows by performers and traveling Bards.

Sensory & Appearance

As you open the door you hear the sounds of music and the boisterous chatter of many people. You will hear laughter and chatter among the other patrons and usually, a bard performing.     You will smell food and drink of many types. the menu is very extensive and contains almost anything you can imagine. During the Winter a fire is constantly going since the tavern doesn't close.

Contents & Furnishings

Ramon was never a fan of a long rectangular table so he had his dwarven friends create custom tables that has a special design and enchantments. The tables are hexagonal in shape and have six chairs around them. the tables are set to an average height of most adventurers that Ramon knew. On the second floor, he did create a set of tables that would be comfortable for fairies and pixies. The tables tops have plenty of space for a group to spread maps and other documents. In front of each chair is a special place that will hold your mug or cup to keep it from tipping. The tables are made of thick and heavy wood but just encase they have been enchanted to be unbreakable.  Some tables are smaller allowing 2 or 4 people to gather in the tavern as well.    Behind the main bar, there are racks that contain Legendary weapons, some include the Salamander's Pistols, Alicia's GreatSword, and the King's Rapier.   In the Tavern is also a wall of bookshelves that contain some of the oldest books that the Tavern owner. with these bookshelves are seven ornate large reading chairs that have been there since their founding. Each chair was the person chair used by the founder of the Kingdom of Muse.    There is a second mini bar in a side room that gives those wishing to study the stories from the library in peace since there is a charm on the doorway that muffles the sounds from the main hall.  Within this room is also a scale model of the city of Harmony.   Then on the right side is a stage and a dance floor for those who want to tell stories to sing and Everyone enjoy themselves.


  1. The Kings legendary Rapier
  2. Salamanders legendary pistol
  3. Alica's the wild great sword
  4. play model of the city of Harmony that is Enchanted with the ability to add cherry flavor to whatever you mix in it
  5. A small library of histories of from Adventurers records and monsters that they have killed  and other first-hand accounts


This Tavern has had minor wear and tear fixes but for the most part, it has not needed any major alterations except to expand its library. When The Salamander Grub was created they were not sure about how many adventurers would want to add their stories to the collection. The small room that housed the collection ran out of room within the first century and it has since expanded the Library to a full two-story complex, that is buried in the mountain, you can access the Library from both the floors of the Tavern.


It is built out of dark grey stone, but it has been magically enchanted to look yellow. It is a large 2 stories building that backs up into the mountain. Both stories of the tavern contain custom-designed hexagon tables with 6 chairs. These tables are made to withstand even the strongest drunk adventurer. The area within the mountain is the Kitchen, Storage, and Library. The roof is made of stone shingles with are red. The Pillars and overhangs are made of the same stone as the building. The main doors are made of heavy black wood and on the side of the mountain is a door that leads to the kitchen, to allow easy access. All decor is inspired by Infrit and Dwarven designs.


The place has Small defenses that have gotten better by the layering of the enchantments overtime. The Kingdom took over ownership of the Tavern and expanded the Defenses because of the legendary artifacts and historical books contained in the Library.  
  • First, all the books are bound with a cover that has an enchantment to make them spell proof
  • Second, all legendary items and books have a Charm on them to protect them from theft. If someone leaves the Tavern building they will be suspended in mid-air and an alarm will sound alerting all around.
  • Third, all the seasoned adventurers or most of the adventures in the tavern will defend it. If any trouble is caused that person or persons will be booted out, and if they continue to be a problem they will be banned.


The creation of Salamander Grub

Salamander Grub was built on the side of the first and lower layer of the Mountain rings of Muse. The creation of the tavern is Ramon "the Green Salamander". Ramon is one of the adventurers that helped found this Kingdom. He saw how hard everyone was working to fix the city and decided that they needed some good meals and somewhere to relax after a long day. Ramon only had experience cooking for his friends in his adventuring group so he built the Tavern in a hope that others were able to stomach his food. Salamander Grub was open to all: from the builder and the farmers to the adventurers and mercenaries, even to the refugees.   At first the food and drinks for average at best due to limited trade and supply routes. Once the second Ring was built up and populated the Tavern began to have a new life with the better imports from the Bissel Trade. Once all three rings were completed the Salamander Grub became known as the hang out for adventures. Ramon's son, Haru, took over the tavern and by this point, the tavern was easy to run due to the regulars that keep it going. As the Library collection grew, so did the renown of the Salamander Grub Tavern. Due to the age of some of the stories and artifacts that the Tavern contained in the library, the Kingdom took over ownership and paid handsomely for it. Now the Kingdom runs the tavern and maintains it the same way as the original owner would want it to be run.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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