How the universe came to be

A time before there was anything built in the material realm. There were eight planes of existence. These planes of existence were outside of time and space. Which means they did not touch the material realm. These planes each have a ruler or A Supreme being. They are the gods and goddesses that we know today. They will go into created everything. From the smallest to the largest plants. creatures of all sizes that fit inside the realm. With their unlimited power who knows what they have made but it is has been done. Know their worlds hit a point where everything was stagnant. Nothing changed unless the God/dess made it. Dose something new or destroyed it. That how the realm work. Until one fateful day purgatory open up and connected the planes.    Each God and goddess felt the change in their plane. It sent a ripple that was unnerving to the god/dess. Most of them decided to send a scout or some form of group creature or monsters to check out the place. beside for Hikari and Maindo. Hikari wanted to see what new places for himself always seeing things for himself. Mainado always wants to be the one to dig his hand into something new. His curiosity gets the better himself this time. When he came across the creatures from the other gods and goddesses. He dissected them without a second thought. When Hikari met creatures from the other gods and goddesses. He tries to communicate with them. What came to surprise that they spoke the same language. So Kasia, Mizu, and Yami we're the ones who scouting party return to their plane of existence. while the other party was destroyed. This what we know as the start of the war of the heavens. Not as much known about it but eventually all gods and goddesses were fighting one another. Until one day they were fed up with it or came to an understanding no one knows. What we do know it did stop.   So for the longest time, they just lived in their own realms. Use Limbo as a meeting place in so talking to one another or at least once they got along with the idea of it. We don't know much of what they did at this time. God or Goddess did not reveal it to anyone at this time. Unknown now the time has passed something new that's happened. Where A new pathway opened up but it to a plane that was very different from the ones they were used to. It was the material plane. It was so different it had older elements. feeling the difference in the weight of it. eventually, they will come to learn that it also had time. Well, it became a new challenge for them. There are several news aspects to this plane of existence. It had a few which governing rules and laws that seem to be in the place that the gods and goddesses could not change. What they could not do anything everything. Like in the way they have in their own plain. They had to give it somewhere to was weird for them. They learn how to make planets. It became more complicated with the second problem. It didn't seem to affect them but anything they made creates or brought over was affected by it. Time this is a new concept to them. See stuff changing, evolving, and doing things that is different than what they made to do. Later than they started building in this new plane of existence seeing what they could do and what will happen.   One day Kasia was mad about A world he made so he tossed not looking hit. An hit a world of darkness that was just being formed. Instead of being destroyed to merge with one another. To created something new. It was new planet with both fire and darkness properties. The other gods and goddesses saw this and each of them start to pair often work together. They began working together a lot more and building up the Galaxy. With so many world build with all type of combinations. Eventually, it struck them All to work together. On one giant world to see what will happen. As they put it all together that they also wanted to award the creatures in the beans living on this world so they gave them immortal spirits. To be able to return to them and set up parameters. How they would find out where they would go. Decided to use Limbo as the judgment place.   The gods and goddesses each made two races put on this world to be challenged and see where they would fall or rise. They gave mortals free will but at the same time. Seven of the gods and goddesses made beans to give them a challenge. They also are the ones that will be punishing the spirits of the being. That stray or have done something against the God or goddess that they follow. Seishin Believes that if anyone tried or once we are a follower of him were saved they are welcome to his plane of existence. Was already God working together two races and the rules to the world.   So this is the generalization of how our universe has came into existence.


This is the story of how eight gods and goddesses. from different planes came together. To make the universe and then to make 1 little planet all with everything anything of them all. and how 16 special creatures and how the chance to come back.

Historical Basis

It is knowledge is an fragments that were given to us from our gods and goddesses
Date of Setting

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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