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Elemental Crystal

Elemental Crystal are similar to Lay Line Crystals . They have just two different. one is that they have one elemental type. so they could raw fire energy or raw will energy. there has never been one with two type or more energy. the second it same size of metra the EC have Twice as much power LLC.


Physical Characteristics

they are crystals of the color of the element they have in them with a glow.

Geology & Geography

each of the only come two or three places in the world they each simple have there own area for where you find big cash. there something been small amount where you Lay Line Crystals. there far few in between

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

  • In the Irferits kingdom has a torment every 5 years. to see who the master crystals what mostly melee weapons. so then they try out in combat to see there meatal and the user worth. know when fire crystals where to discover they gave both the user and a the weapon stronger. it was not as refined so it normal blew up weopen and damage the user. know today they have been mast to be Incorporated into weapon makes magical and powerful for the torment. a smith who works with them is not going to go far. so know it apart their cultural finding refiner and crating into weapons.


It gives off a low radian that skin will absorb and if not your element or you don't have resistant you will get sick or hurt.

  1. Fire will give first degree burn if being around for good amount time
  1. Water will make blood thin out not be able to care what they need
  1. Air make equilibrium off where sick to stomice becouase your motion sickness and have not blance
  1. earth weaken your bone destney with long exposure to it
  1. Ligth slow destroy your retinas until your blindCones
  1. darkness is fast acting but weakess it will just damge Cones that will make you color blind
  1. Will is most damge one but the slowest on it slowt damge nural pass ways
  • Sprit damge muscle tissue orver time


Trade & Market

it a very regulated material but most kingdoms trade for it and skill, and Crafters can get hold of it depending on the kingdom and their requirements.


they need a protected case with high density mental or magical store design handle energy radiation

Elemental / Molecular
High Value
Vary Rare
Red is Fire Dark Blue is Water Gray is Wind Dark Green is Earth Bright Yellow is Light Black is Darkness Purple is Will and Orange is Sprite

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