World of Eleanora

From Divine Beginnings…   At genesis, Eleanora created the world and all existence of nature. She passionately molded the tiny planet like clay in her hands, and painted the fields in a colorful assortment of flora and fauna. She then gave birth to apex creatures to inhabit the world and named them Tabians; creatures that is said to be a reflection of her heart and made in her soul’s image.   The world of the Tabian rests on a large continent with a colorful assortment of climates, landscapes and foliage, cradled in the arms of an endless teal sea. The Ariella Divide separates the continent with two hundred kilometers of red rock and soaring crimson spires. The climate has an apparent divergence from both sides of the Ariella Divide, where as the most northern region experiences intense bitter cold, while by contrast the southern islands feel blazing heat along the planet’s equator.
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The Glades
  The northern region of Eleanora is covered in a coniferous forest and dark gray rock. It snows most of the year here. The Marfach Straight can be sailed around the tip of the cliffs in between land and glacier, but only during the summer months. The sea is frozen in a deep sheet of ice to the cliff boundary during most of the year, completely closing the channel. The greatest majority of the land is covered in dense evergreen trees and the occasional clearing or glade, giving the region its’ name. There is little shrubbery, and the ground cover is scarce. Fir, cypress, juniper, pine and redwood are the most common tree types.   It is to be noted that this area of the world is supernaturally quiet. These grounds are considered to be holy because it is said the deity Ariella traverses the very terrain. Being extremely devout, the people here take a silent pledge in order to listen to God, nature and the soul more profoundly. They are very small in number. Last census recorded is a guess at only twenty thousand, less than one percent of the world’s populace.  


Central Eleanora (Ehl-an-or-ah)
  The flora here appears permanently deciduous. The center of the northern half of the continent is within a heavenly zone of mild temperature that inspires lush and fertile vegetation all year round. Curiously, the plant life presents itself only in fall pigments of rich with red, orange and greens. The golden fields contrast beautifully against the brightly harvest colored maple trees and teal rivers. It is as though Central Eleanora is frozen in an eternal autumn. The citizens here celebrate their beautiful surroundings by mimicking nature’s local colors within their culture, especially in textiles and architecture.  


Ariella Divide (Dea) (Ah-ree-ehl-ah)
  The two hundred kilometers of red rock that divide the continent has many secrets hidden below the crust. A myriad of subterranean rivers, caverns, and centoes lay fantastically underneath the awe inspiring mountains. Sharp spires of rock ascend majestically into the sky, all leaning curiously toward the northwest. Traversing across the mountain range is impossible. Only the few paths carved through the rock make the range passable; a bridge through Dea’s Grotto, following Rósuisce Run which flows from the caverns, or sailing completely around the continent. The underground rivers that wind underneath the rock connect the north Glacier Sea to the southern Red Rock Bay.  


Gierra Desert (Gee-air-ah)
  The southern side of the continent is dry and barren. Rainfall from the north is caught within the Ariella Divide’s grasp, provoking the inevitable thirst that could never be quenched. The neighboring salty sea could not give birth to much life either, so the desert has been thought of to be a wasteland; yet on the contrary, an adaptive race of Tabian consider this desolate region home. The golden quartz-like sand is appreciated and celebrated. Countless ancient Ternary monuments and statues made from red rock scatter across the land’s borders. How they had come to be, is a mystery.   In the center of the wasteland stands the proud capital, Gierra Divine. How this white marbled city was erected in the middle of a scorching wild can only be explained through divinity. It is believed that Gierra made an oasis and built his sanctuary himself.   The Gierran people are tremendously gifted with artistic talent. Legends of architecture and cartography are born from the Gierran sands and practice at the capital. They are naturally the most talented artists of the world.  
  “It must be a marvel. Lance has a grand amount of stories in between there. About how the inner palace was so unprotected he asked a Gierran for directions and they actually told him before he killed him; or how he ate so much of their food he almost napped in the kitchen and no one came around to bother him. All while plotting to kill their King. In the middle of it all, there was a room in particular he came across. Says if we ever fully take over Gierra, this is the only area in the, quote, ‘entire fucking shite country’ that will be protected. The grand Gierran Maphall. Imagine a library with shelves two stories tall, but instead of books, there are rolled up maps and documents dating back to when our kind could even figure out how to write. Scrolls upon flats upon tables; and at the end of the room is a windowless three story wall with a high vaulted ceiling, not varnished with brick or stone, but with a gigantic tapestry map of the world as we know it. He said it is so grandly massive he felt like he was a God himself looking down at the continent.”
— Fishhook telling Tyger a tale
  The Gierran people and their desert home is a well covered secret. Not only is it immensely difficult to travel, the world’s political view of Gierra has been that they no longer exist after the war. Most of Eleanora remain ignorant anyway to the still presence of the Gierran people within their own borders, since afterall, it is impossible to thrive in a desert… right?  


Tropical Archipelagos of Dia Nathair (Gee-ah Nah-her)
  Furthest south lay a string of colorful southern islands, best remembered for their bizarre fruits, animals, gems, and intensely enigmatic experiences whilst exploring. These islands are so mysterious and deadly that only the fervid stories from pirates emerge from them. The climate is hot and densely humid. Yet, it is told that there is an insurgent island which exists against nature. An ice cavern with cool air and a deciduous forest, with magnificently tall beasts that tower over any since known. The heat can easily cause distortion to the psyche; so these tales are not considered fact, and the region is just too dangerous for the common explorer to sail to and find out for themselves.  
  “Nathair’s Cradle was ah favorite.” He said passionately cryptic. “The entire island dwells in absolute silence, devoid of all sound; even your own beating heart, as though you’re already dead. Your ears feel.. painted in blackness.” He leaned closer into Ekon and grazed his coat, “The silence lays on your skin like poison. You anticipate a soft impact with every step you take, but are only met with the thick besiege of hell tearing away the jagged edges of hope.” He shook his spirits bottle to gauge how much he has left, as though he didn't just spill some crazy poetry just a second ago.
— King Lance telling a tale of the Southern Islands
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Author's Notes

The map was meshed in Blender, rendered, then painted over in Clip Studio Paint. All artwork and writing created by myself.  



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