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Manige (Man-Neeg)

Manige; the Moon Owl, is an elven goddess of the night and rebirth in terms of the cycle of life and death. She is a protective and wise goddess, her followers braving the darkness of night to be blessed by moonlight under her protection. Manige is the light in the darkness.

Divine Domains

Manige is the elven goddess of the night and rebirth, representing the "dark" side of elven cosmology. She has the Grave, Knowledge, Light, and Twilight domains. Manige's portfolio consists of Dreams, Lore, and Secrets.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Manige’s symbol is typically the moon, but it can sometimes be a white owl. The owl is a creature of the night that is a symbol of wisdom, and white symbolising moonlight. Black, White, and Silver are favoured colours of Manige. Her favoured weapon is the sickle, and her main sigil is a winged full moon.

Tenets of Faith

Manige seeks clerics to bring comfort to those who seek rest and protect them by venturing into the encroaching darkness to ensure that the dark is a comfort, not a terror. She also promotes that wisdom is important above all, for wisdom is the sum of all things taken in and considered.    Manige teaches their followers to respect the dead and pay them due homage. Followers of Manige seek to put restless spirits to rest, destroy the undead wherever they find them, and ease the suffering of dying creatures.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Manige is aware of the darkness in the world, and she seeks to brighten the dark corners of it. Although her light is not as bright as the sun’s, Manige is a beacon of hope for those who find themselves lost or stuck in the darkness of night. When night falls, it is Manige who guides those who reach out to her.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity

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