Gyrmanian (Ger-Man-E-an)

Once a predominantly Elven people, they are now a balance of Elves and Humans. The Gyrmanian people have an abundance of resources, including prized livestock and a fully independant and functional magic school. Trade is highly sought after, particularly the magical goods and the prized horses.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family names, like other countries, are indicative of the work a person does, but in the Gyrmanian dialect. Nobility, of course, do not adhere to these rules and have family names comprised of adjective-noun combinations.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty for the Gyrmanian people does not come from the person themselves, but rather how they adorn themselves. From clothes, to jewelry, to hairstyles, beauty is an expression of the soul, not the person's body.

Gender Ideals

Women and men are seen as complimentary in nature, influenced by the alliance with the Fae folk since Princess Aldvyn became Titania to the country of Elvalon. This, however, does not mean that they are treated equally.   Women are primarily seen as home makers and mothers. They are seen as having more sense in terms of beauty, taste, and passion. Women's roles within the Gyrmanian society have shifted from being restricted to the mother and home maker role under the care and protection of a husband to the goddesses of the kitchen, the queens of fashion, the dames of decore, and the hidden thorns of the home. They take such jobs as Baker, Chef, Tailor, Hair dresser, Event Planner, and City Watch.   Men are primarily seen as the backbone of the realm, taking the hard tasks so their wives and children do not have to. They are viewed as strong, cunning, and crafty. Their roles have changed little since the end of the war with the Beast King. They are soldiers, business men, traders, farmers, craftsmen, and artisans.

Courtship Ideals

Courting differs between standing on the social ladder. The higher you climb, the more likely you are to have little choice in the matter. Unfortunately, that little choice favors the male side of the relationship, giving noble women no voice.

Relationship Ideals

The ideal relationship shifted from subservient wife and domineering husband to equals, balancing each other to bring harmony to the home.
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